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I’ve done it for myself, and now I want to help you achieve what I did.

Super Scaling is not just a growth hack. It’s a way of managing your business that will ensure your business thrives and becomes sustainable, while turning your customers into your raving fans.

We’ll learn that here, together. Traditional schools and institutions are too slow for entrepreneurs. We are nimble and effective, and the way we learn must be such as well.

Together, with 1 MILLION of us, we can change the world and our economy into something happier, more rewarding, and more productive.

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Super Scaling is a process that needs time and dedication. We need to make sure that you're working on the right things in order for your business to scale. Here are the 3 ways you can start learning more about Super Scaling now.

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AOS Bath is changing the landscape of water heaters

Read AOS Bath’s story and other companies that are now Super Scaling their impact.

  • 20% Growth in Team Size
  • 20% Increase in Profits
  • 3x Productivity Increase
“The training that we had in Super Scaling was a big win. We learnt how to create a proper direction for the team, which included a clear vision, purpose, and core values. This allowed us to have everyone on the team working in the same direction and increased employee and customer satisfaction so much.”
Amanda Zhong
AOS Bath

You Need Grit To Run Businesses

How do you survive the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and have a business that succeeds? Find out from these Stories of Grit.


Alvin is one of those rare genuine guys who excels in so many areas and has tremendous qualities.

He gives great business advice and is able to critically analyse your business. On top of all that, his humility absolutely shines through. He's helped many that I know.

ALAN PHUA Alchemy Foodtech Pte. Ltd.

We’ve been in the business for about 3 years, and accelerating our growth has been a problem that we’ve been facing.

After working with Alvin, he has really helped us crystallise our roadmap and what we had to get right in order to scale.

JUSTIN CHIAM Fincore - Direct-to-Consumer Startup

Alvin has amazing abilities that really make him stand out.

When I'm running around in circles trying to decode the chicken-and-egg scenario, Alvin's the man to stop, collaborate and listen... and then we just glide to the solution... on ice.

MICHAEL LIN MD, Auston Institute

    About Alvin Poh

    At the age of 33 years old, I sold my Internet business for $30 million.

    This was the business that I scaled up from $0 all the way to Singapore’s #1 hosting provider with 35,000 clients and a team of 150 before the 8-figure exit.

    I spent the next few years travelling the world, exploring new hobbies like snowboarding, kite-surfing and many more.

    Today, I use my skills and experiences to help entrepreneurs, just like myself, scale their businesses, achieve breakthrough profits and find time freedom.

    I learnt a lot from Alvin that I could immediately apply to my startup and see results from. I like that Alvin's advice is backed by his real-world experience and perspective.

    He has helped me by cutting short the time that I would have otherwise spent experimenting and trying ideas out by ourselves, especially in the areas of product-market fit and product validation.

    GOH YI FAN TapSnapGo

    Alvin gave me solid pointers on areas that I needed to focus on so that I could grow my business. He has freely shared his entrepreneurship experience and lessons, which was invaluable in helping me shape my problem statement and structuring my business.

    Through our sessions, I was able to prioritise and concentrate on the things that needed to be done to bring my business to the next level.

    MARY JANE Business Process Management

    Alvin's sharing and lessons from his own entrepreneurial journey are candid, to-the-point, and immensely useful.

    He has helped re-frame our business concepts and inspired my team and me to make the right changes in our business for us to grow.

    We refined our focus on what truly matters for us to get to the next level and we have seen our customers and staff being more satisfied as a result. Thank you Alvin for your advice!

    JERRY LEE Writing Samurai