Boost Team Performance By Enabling Them To Innovate | Ep. 12

Ganesh Mahendranathan - Head of Group Innovation at RHB Banking Group

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Boost team performance and build an innovative team today! Great ideas have never been a solo effort. On today’s episode, we are joined by Ganesh Mahendranathan (Head of Group Innovation at RHB Banking Group) where we’ll be talking about how to boost team performance by enabling them to innovate. Tune in now to hear our insights on innovation and other ways that help teams flourish and achieve their goals.

We’ll also be talking about:

– Innovation and what it really means
– The importance of systems in scaling businesses
– The most important habits to build in order to become a successful entrepreneur
– How to build your habits around your goals
– The importance of having difficult conversations early on in the business

Connect with Ganesh Mahendranathan: