Create A Powerful Flywheel To Delight Customers And Scale Up Your Business | Ep. 4

Jerald Lie - Achiever's Dream

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Here’s the secret to scale your business. Delight customers! Create a product or service that people love, and take care of them better than anyone else in the industry. Then optimize your service around what they’re responding to, so you can delight them even more. Then take care of them again. And again. And again. A Flywheel that focuses on providing value to customers? Yes, please! This is exactly what Jerald Lie, Founder of Achiever’s Dream did for his own business.

In this episode, he talks to us about the framework he used to turn his business into a consistent winner.

– From kick-starting a business under his parents roof to becoming the only NEA Accredited Chemistry Laboratory In Singapore… how did Jerald do it?
– How to be able to command better prices that result in gigantic savings in the long-run
– The powerful flywheel: Lower-costs, happy customers, increased volume
– How customer-centricity drives margin optimization, customer-renewability, and profits
– How to identify which areas of your business to prioritize

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