Determine Your Business Unique Selling Points By Failing Fast | Ep. 15

Lydia Lim - Founder of Luxequisite

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Trying to determine unique selling points for your business? Watch on! The most important stage of the business journey is when you are figuring out what your business can do for the customer that nobody else can.

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Lydia Lim (Founder of Luxequisite) not to mention a leader in the upcycling business…she has grown her business tremendously in the past years through failing fast (and learning fast) and will be teaching us all about how to do the same for your own business.

We’ll also be talking about:
– How You Can Shift Your Business To Adapt With The Times
– The World Is Moving Forward, So Should Your Business
– The Importance Of Marketing Your Product The RIGHT
– FACT OR MYTH: It Takes A Little Bit Of Delusion To Become An Entrepreneur
– Two Entrepreneurial Habits You Need To Adapt
– Why Being Kind To Yourself Is So Important As An Entrepreneur

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