How Business Systems Can Transform Your Personal Life As Well | Ep. 7

Preston Sin - Transformation Coach

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If you’re a 6/7 figure business-owner, chances are, you don’t take your personal development and fitness lightly. Running a successful business doesn’t mean you’re glued to your computer all day long. If anything, you prioritize your fitness because you know that being in tip-top shape will contribute to your longterm success…this is why it’s so important to build sustainable self care habits for entrepreneurs!

Today, Preston Sin (Transformation Coach) talks to us about the inner workings of his transformational coaching, and how it isn’t so different from scaling a business!

We also talk about:
– How Health Is Not Just About Working Out
– Scaling A Business Is A Lot Like Going To The Gym
– How To Identify Limiting Beliefs For Fitness
– What Do You Do When Your Fitness Journey Doesn’t Go According To Plan?
– How To Integrate Fitness Into Your Life (Sustainable Habits, Sustainable Results)
– How To Overcome Busy Days, Stress, and Overwhelm As An Entrepreneur

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