How To Build A Business Doing The Things That You Love | Ep. 8

Kay Cheong - The Immigration People

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Wondering how to build a business you love? If you’re a 6/7 figure business owner, it’s crucial that you fall in love with solving real life problems. Spoiler alert: don’t start a business just to make money.

Being passionate about providing solutions and providing value to customers is one of the only ways to scale a business sustainably… because if you’re not passionate about it, ultimately you’ll give up, and come back to your day job shaking your fists at the sky.

Today, Kay Cheong (Co-founder and Managing Director of The Immigration People talks to us about how she embarked on her entrepreneurship journey through her passion for helping people fulfill their dreams.

We also talk about:

– The Crucial Role Of Purpose And Passion In Building A Business
– Answering The Question: “Why Should I Hire A Consultancy Firm When I Can Do It Myself?”
– How To Manage Expectations As A Business Owner – How To Set Your Business Apart From Competitors

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