How to Start Selling Products as a Service-Based Business Owner | Ep. 10

John Yeo - Learning Out Of The Box

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Curious about how to start selling products as a service based business? First things first, Selling products is quickly becoming the new way to go. The idea is simple: you’ll be providing your customers with exactly what they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.

The best part is… no one knows your customer better than you do. This means that you’re the best person to provide them with products that they actually need to make the most progress they possibly can.

Today, John Yeo (Chief Math Skills Trainer and Founder of Learning Out Of The Box) talks about the specific steps you need to take to start selling products as a service.

We also talk about:

– How This Service Based Business Creates 1 New Product A Month
– The Power Of Trusting Your Team To Come Up With Product Ideas
– The Brainstorming Method In Order To Achieve Optimal Learning

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