This important habit allows entrepreneurs to scale their businesses | Ep. 17

Dr. Amiya Patanaik - CEO and Co-Founder of Neurobit Technologies

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The most important habit to scale businesses is not what you think. Nope, it’s not working harder or working longer hours… in fact, it’s the opposite. The most important habit you should start working on today is getting a good night’s sleep. In this episode, Dr. Amiya Patanaik (CEO and Co-founder of Neurobit Technologies) will be joining us as he talks about the mind blowing correlation between the benefits of good sleep, disease, and productivity.

We’ll also be talking about:

– How this company is changing the world, one good night’s sleep at a time…
– How to be a CEO of all trades
– The importance of delayed gratification in building meaningful businesses..
– How to use your discomfort for growth
– The #1 advice for deep tech company founders

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