Why Most Businesses Fail at Engaging Their Target Audiences | Ep. 11

Asher Aw - Significance Strategy / Host of “Starting Million"

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One of the biggest challenges that businesses face today is how to engage their target audience. Many business owners put so much effort in marketing their product/service the wrong way… making all that effort go to waste! That’s where we come in! In this podcast, Asher Aw (Founder of Significance Strategy/Host of “Starting Million”) will discuss why most businesses fail at engaging their target audiences and how to do it the right way.

We’ll also be talking about:

– What Attention Has To Do With Scaling Your Business
– What It Takes To Get Barack Obama To Follow You On Twitter
– How To Get People To Trust Your Brand
– The Most Powerful Way To Get In Touch With Prospects

Connect with Asher Aw: https://asheraw.com/connect