Anika Mendez

Helping Companies Grow Using Videos

My name is John Christian Bougle, but people call me JC, which makes it simpler. I have built several businesses. With these businesses, we provide various services and technology to help other businesses grow by using videos.

Accidentally Entrepreneurial

I’m Michael, and I run an Engineering Institute called Auston. We train engineers for the semiconductor, data centre, and telecommunications industries. I’m an accidental entrepreneur. I was born into a wealthy family, but then I was told that I was not invited to be part of that business until my father and I took over the school. Although we are now in education, I think we have probably learned more than any of the students. I would say we’re just accidental entrepreneurs with an ever-changing view of what business ownership is like.

The Unorthodox Marketer

My name is Lenney and I am the founder of this company called Get Customers. Right now, I’m doing what I call the Unorthodox Marketing Methodology. What we do is very simple. We help innovative companies amplify their three ends, their mission, marketing and money with unorthodox marketing.

The Virtual Events Guy

My name is Felix and I am from a company named Get Out. We do virtual events. I’m pretty resourceful in being able to put things together and make things work. I also create profitable businesses in the process.

Building A 6-Figure Business From Scratch Using Instagram

When I was 19, I spent the next 1.5 years building a following of 250,000 followers through Instagram & Twitter.

I now help coaches and marketers to systematically attract followers, leads & sales repeatedly on Instagram without ads, complicated funnels or cold messaging.

Scaling A Business From $0 to $30M

At the age of 33 years old, I sold my Internet business for $30 million.

This was Vodien, the business that I scaled up from $0 all the way to Singapore’s #1 hosting provider with 35,000 clients and a team of 150 before the 8-figure exit.

I spent the next few years traveling the world, exploring new hobbies like snowboarding, kite-surfing and many more.

Now I coach entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses to 7-figures consistently.