10 Habits of Successful People

habits of successful people

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Successful people are successful for a reason — or multiple reasons. However, these reasons don’t involve radical changes or groundbreaking actions. Mostly, all it takes is to cultivate daily habits to continuously see yourself on the path to success. If you’re still struggling to balance your professional life, maybe you’re not nurturing healthy habits that help you in your career. That said, we’ve rounded up 10 of the simplest and most effective habits of successful people. Do these habits day in and day out, and see yourself become the individual you’ve always wanted to be.

habits of successful people

1. Prioritize mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing

habits of successful people

Navigating through your personal and professional life could take a lot of commitment. But one essential factor that enables you to perform your best at any given circumstance is when you’re 100 percent healthy. This means keeping your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing intact and stable at all times.

Create a habit that prioritizes your overall wellbeing. This includes exercising regularly, prioritizing your emotional needs, or focusing on the positives in your life. These habits can start as a simple shower every day before working, says the Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The Huffington Post President and EIC Arianna Huffington says she does meditation and yoga every day to decrease stress levels and foster mindfulness in her life.

2. Nurture a positive attitude

habits of successful people

One of the most vital habits of successful people is keeping a positive attitude always. There is never a good impact when you entertain negativity in your life. Negativity increases stress and anxiety while impeding you from growing personally and professionally. 

Nurturing a positive mindset means you also need to be grateful for things, places, and people around you. Identify the daily things that you’re thankful for and jot them down every day on a journal or piece of paper.

Jim Carrey always believed in the power of a positive mentality. He believed that none of your goals and ambitions in life would materialize without putting thought and intention into them. The famous actor believed in his thoughts and affirmations, which got him the fame and success he deserves now.

3. Take time to read

habits of successful people

Reading is an essential practice if you’re looking for a habit that will offer you more knowledge. Successful people and high performers will always strive to learn new things. And reading books is one of the ways they gain insight about anything. Whether they read for entertainment or self-help, reading enriches your mind and feeds your soul. 

Many successful people have looked up to other successful people. They read rags-to-riches stories, which inspire them to create a fulfilling journey of their own. There is always something new to learn, especially reading self-help books, business books, or biographies. 

One of the richest men in the world is fond of reading and attributes his success to his reading habits. Bill Gates claims that reading instills curiosity in people about the world and that every book teaches you something new every time. Moreover, he says that reading is one of the driving forces that teaches him how to maneuver his career and foundation.

4. Spend time with inspirational people

habits of successful people

They say that you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. That said, if you aim to be successful, then it’s imperative to spend your time with highly-ambitious, goal-driven, and career-oriented people. Filter who you welcome into your space and steer clear of negative people. If you don’t have positive people in your network, don’t fret. You can always read about them from biography books or any motivational book. 

If possible, try mentorship programs. Work with someone who inspires you. Most of the successful people we know of today have partnered with excellent mentors that have a staggering impact on their careers or lives. Some examples are Steve Jobs mentoring Mark Zuckerberg, Maya Angelou mentoring Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffet mentoring Bill Gates. All you need is to find that perfect mentor who aligns with your overall goals, vision, values, and principles.

5. Ensure good work-life balance

habits of successful people

Successful people would not burn the midnight oil, thinking they’ll be more successful when they do. The worse part of being too overworked is getting burned out too early in your career. The only way to nourish your mind, body, and soul and maintain their full capacity is to ensure a good work-life balance. Achieving a good work-life balance is one of the habits of successful people because it keeps them grounded. Also, it encourages positive, holistic mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. 

Barack Obama is one of the people who prioritizes work-life balance. He says that working hard is of great importance. However, spending time with family is a way to maintain that balance between your personal and professional lives.

6. Rise early

habits of successful people

Rising early makes a significant impact on your success. And one of the most common habits of successful people is getting up early every day before they jump to work. Getting up early a few hours before your workday starts lets you prepare for the day ahead. You can plan your to-do list, meditate, exercise, update your vision board, or take care of personal things in your life. Overall, rising early reminds you that you have control over your life and the day ahead, which is liberating and empowering.

Also, rising early is correlated to getting enough hours of sleep. Most people know how crucial ample sleep is to our brain’s cognitive functions. Even Albert Einstein believed in getting enough sleep every day that he made sure to sleep for 10 hours. 

Moreover, Benjamin Franklin is also one of the most successful people who rose at five in the morning every day. He spends this free time reviewing the business and eating breakfast. This way, he’s fully focused on work by 8 A.M., without unnecessary distractions.

7. Create a network

habits of successful people

Having a large network leads to more opportunities for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Every successful business person knows how vital networking is if you want to grow and advance in your career. And this doesn’t mean knowing a lot of people and connections. You may also want to nurture those connections that might provide you benefits down the road. 

Also, networking allows like-minded individuals to exchange ideas, experiences, tips, failures, and business methods. If you’re just starting with minimal people in your network, try to attend networking activities and events monthly. Connect with people in every niche or industry and foster those connections by meeting up regularly for coffee or lunch.

8. Stay organized

habits of successful people

Organization is one of the habits of successful people that helps them in their focus and concentration. Staying organized means keeping yourself free from distractions around you and keeping your schedules coordinated. 

According to the Princeton University Science Institute, disorganization reduces your cognitive abilities and decreases your ability to focus. So try to keep your work environment free of clutter and organize your schedule for the day, week, or month. 

One example of a successful person who made sure his workspace was organized is Stephen King. He makes sure to go to work at exactly the same time every day. He sits in the same chair with a glass of water on the table. King also arranges his papers in the same way and enjoys the same music every day. He claims this keeps him focused, and when you’re focused, success is within your arm’s reach.

9. Pursue goals

habits of successful people