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As a business owner, make sure that you have happy employees. This way, you know they’d go the extra mile for every project or task assigned to them. And did you know that companies with happy employees can outrank the competition by 20 percent

Some business owners think that high monthly stipends make for happier employees. However, this is further from the truth. Although a high salary can undeniably lead to employee satisfaction, positive and happy employees are still the key to business success. 

Also, you can’t expect to have happy employees if they’re not enjoying their work environment. That being said, it’s crucial to foster a positive and encouraging work environment to make sure every employee experience is one for the books. 

You’re in for a nice treat as this article gives you 12 tips for happy employees and its benefits. 

Table of Contents

Why Happy Employees Contribute to Company Success

Happy employees can make or break your company’s success. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs rely too much on material things when it comes to employee satisfaction. While these may be excellent motivators for employees, some workers want a holistic approach to staying happy at work.

When you foster a happy work environment, the team will be more productive and motivated as well. Conversely, a company with unhappy employees may have an increase in turnover rate, leading to increased employee training costs, poor customer service ratings, and a loss of profits over time.

Additionally, employee engagement is also another reason why happy employees are more content with work. Some entrepreneurs think that instilling a culture of fear and pressure in the workplace makes employees engage more. While that is partly effective, it can also lead to stress and fatigue in the long run. 

Overall, this can decline an employee’s morale and well-being. According to an HBR article, disengaged employees lead to:

  • 60 percent more errors
  • 49 percent more mishaps
  • 37 percent higher absenteeism

On the other hand, organizations with low employee engagement rates have:

  • 37 percent reduced job growth
  • 18 percent reduced productivity
  • 16 percent decreased profitability
  • 65 percent lower share price

Moreover, unhappy employees could also mean they’re stressed out. As you know, stress can hinder physical and mental stability. This will also lead to unproductivity and a higher turnover rate by 50 percent

Benefits of Happy Employees
happy employees

A happy team increases employee well-being and makes a business owner happy. On top of that, here are some benefits of happy employees:

Right attitude

When employees are happy, they emanate positivity in the workplace and give it their best shot every time. They show a can-do characteristic that allows them to tackle their day-to-day task without a burdened feeling.

Better employee retention

Better employee retention is due to quality service, fair pay and benefits packages, clear company values and goals, flexibility in work schedules, good leadership skills from managers or supervisors who care about their employees.

As business owners, you must nurture your employees’ well-being to ensure that they grow in the organization. Remember to think of long-term goals and see the bigger picture when working with your employees. You want to have employees that stick with you and the company because they’re content with the work and all aspects. 

Fosters creativity

Behind happy employees is a safe, open, and inspiring work environment that lets you voice your opinions. And we all know how imperative innovation and creativity are when it comes to forging the business forward. Happier employees are motivated employees. They can unleash more of their creative juices that will be handy to the entire organization.


If you’re running a business with multiple teams, then collaboration is of the essence. You need your employees to give support whenever it’s needed. When employees are happy, they are more willing to offer a helping hand to ensure the task gets done. 

Unhappy employees won’t care if they ace the project or not, as long as they get their tasks done for the day. However, you want excellence in your organization. To surge the business, you want quality and effort in performing every project to ensure customers are also 100 percent satisfied. 

Encourages risk-takers

Research on the relationship between happiness and creativity has found that happy people are more likely to take risks. Creativity is important for innovation, which is crucial in any industry or business where new ideas are needed to grow sales and stay competitive. 

Additionally, you want your employees to never be afraid of failures or mistakes. Failures are good learning curves for employees that enable them to do better on the next endeavor. Happy employees take more risks and aren’t afraid to commit calculated mistakes.

Increased confidence

Without a doubt, happy workers tackle every project with ultimate enthusiasm. Make sure that you encourage open communication, so employees can share their feedback and opinion. 

Also, try to include your employees even in minor decision-making processes. This will boost their self-confidence. In turn, your employees will look forward to the success of the project and the business, in general.

Better customer relationships

Value your employees because they are the driving force behind your organization’s success. When employees feel valued, they’re happy in their positions and responsibilities in the company. And this will contribute to better customer relationships. 

Happy employees who feel they belong in a team will go the extra mile for the entire organization. They ensure to maintain happy relationships with customers, increasing the company’s bottom line.

12 Tips for Happy Employees

Happy employees are the most important resource for any company. They are also one of the company’s largest expenses, so it makes sense to do everything in your power to make them happy.

Happy employees will produce better work, be less likely to leave their jobs, have more loyalty toward their employer and coworkers, stay healthier, increase productivity, and more. So if you want to know how to keep your employees happy, do these 12 simple tips. 

1. Prioritize work-life integration

Stress is the primary factor that leads to unhappiness. Unfortunately, the importance of work-life balance is too often overlooked, which causes stress and negative attitudes at work.

It’s important for employees to have a good life outside work to be happy in the workplace. We want our employees to feel fulfilled by their jobs while maintaining a sense of accountability. Therefore, employees must leave their personal issues at home and not bring their work outside office hours. 

On top of that, here are other ways your or your employees can balance their personal and professional lives:

  • Restructure your life, so you know what your priorities are. Also, keep priorities balanced at work and home. 
  • Don’t be afraid of failures. Prevent aiming for perfection, as this can hinder your personal life. Be ready to accept mistakes and tackle them one day at a time. 
  • Ensure that you’re nourishing your mind and body with regular exercise and proper nutrients to stay healthy. 
  • Set work hours and stick to them religiously. Unplug everything once work hours are over. 
  • Make time for the outdoors during your days off. Connecting with nature is a great way to refresh and be ready for the beginning of the workweek. 
  • Indulge yourself in activities you love doing. Try to do the things you love outside work hours to give you a sense of personal fulfillment. Whether you’re into weaving, sports, hiking, or road trips, activities like these will put new vigor into your life. 
  • Step away from your computer once every 20 to 30 minutes. Some employees think that not taking breaks increases their productivity. WRONG! This can take its toll on your physical and mental health, so take time to step away from your computer and stretch. 
  • Exercise regularly within the week. It’s good to get those serotonins out to make you feel happy even after a stressful workday. 

2. Encourage transparency and honesty

Open communication is the secret to a happy and healthy environment at work. Employees need to understand the company’s goals, objectives, priorities, values, and their expected roles.

We want our employees to feel free to speak their minds without fear of