14 Best Online Business Tools for All Industries

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Every entrepreneur knows that running a business isn’t as simple as everyone would like it to be. Ensuring that a business gets off from the ground and keeping it afloat can be a stressful task that can take up most of your free time. And no matter how much you prioritize your business, it can become a drag if you struggle to balance work with everything else in your life. 

Fortunately, technology offers plenty of business tools to help facilitate aspects of your business so you can take a step back. Knowing which effective and modern online business tools can provide the means to stay competitive. Here are 14 online tools you can consider to propel your business even further: 

1. Wrike

online business tools

If you’re looking for reliable project management tools for the digital workplace, Wrike is a suitable option for you. It’s a digital work management app designed to help workers track and coordinate projects. It improves the efficiency and speed of work for co-located teams and distributed groups, making it easier to get things done. 

Wrike was the Best Project Management Software Award recipient in 2018 from FinancesOnline and is the project management software of choice for many Fortune 500 companies. The benefits from using Wrike include:

  • Easy To Use. Wrike combines a simple user experience and interfaces with plenty of depth for more powerful users. This simple UI makes projects visual and collaborative, with a range of visual methods to easily track work progress. 
  • Flexibility. The flexibility that Wrike provides allows multifunctional groups to collaborate and get things done more efficiently. It will enable you to schedule, discuss, prioritize, and supervise work and progress in real-time with just a few clicks. 
  • Integration. Wrike is already integrated with a wide range of third-party applications, including Box, Slack and Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Salesforce. Not only does Wrike connect different teams, but it also connects different tools. In addition, it offers an API to connect the app with existing workflows and software a teammate or customer might be using to avoid any workflow disruption. 

Pricing: FREE; Wrike Professional ($9.80 per Month); Wrike Business ($24.80 per Month); Wrike Enterprise ($45 per user per Month)

A business tool that can efficiently align your efforts with your business plan. ProofHub is among the powerful tools that offer teams a central platform for collaboration and project completion. Achieve increased productivity through online collaboration, improved communication visibility, real-time progress tracking to meet challenges better. Benefits of using ProofHub to elevate your business include:

  • Project Reporting and Task Management. Using Kanban boards for workflow visualization, ProofHub promotes clarity of work and assignments, so none of the tasks are missed.
  • File Management, Time Tracking, Mobile Apps, Email Integration, API. ProofHub makes it easier for users to integrate existing systems onto its platform for easier file sharing and document storage. It also has multiple timers for when users need to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, providing a straightforward way of tracking progress. 

Pricing: Essential ($50 per month); Ultimate Control ($150 per month)

3. Flodesk

Flodesk is an email marketing service focusing on designing beautifully crafted emails that people want to open. This business tool has an easy to use intuitive email builder with templates you can customize and share. 

  • Customize Emails. Flodesk lets you send beautiful emails as simple as posting on social media. Match templates and layouts with your brand in mere minutes using Flodesk’s proprietary technology to customize emails. 
  • Grow your Subscriber List. Flodesk simplifies the process of launching a lead magnet to build your subscriber list quickly. This streamlined functionality of the platform makes it convenient to customize to create a helpful subscription page promptly. 
  • Analytics. Flodesk provides an analytics overview for each email, making it super informative and easy to understand. In addition, analytics tools offer plenty of perspectives that can improve your marketing performance. 

Pricing: $38 Per Month

Google Meet is a video-chatting service designed primarily for office and business use. Compared to most communication apps, it’s a secure and reliable video conferencing service that works directly from your browser, suitable for colleagues who don’t work in the same building. Google Meet is a great business tool with the following benefits:

  • Up to 250 Participants. A Google Meet Basic account can hold video calls for up to 25 people at once, with higher membership tiers to allow up to 250 participants. In addition, Google Meet offers low-light mode and noise cancellation features and the ability to save a meeting directly onto Google Drive. 
  • Secure Integration. With Google Meet being included for G Suite customers, it provides an integrated pathway for other Google services such as Google Docs and Google Analytics. As a result, a Google Meet organizer can easily share anything on their screen, from files to data, with everyone on a call. 

Pricing: G Suite Basic ($6 per Month, per user);  G Suite Business ($12 per Month, per user); G Suite Enterprise ($25 per Month, per user)

Business tools can provide one-stop solutions for organization and simplification. StudioCloud is a business software that has made a name for itself as a reliable business management platform. It contains many features that allow you to manage your business from anywhere at any time. Its top features include:

  • Mobile Management. Using a unified system with Cloud Syncing, StudioCloud lets you focus on client management, scheduling, invoicing, project management and more. It also has market automation tools with data that can be synced with multiple users for added mobility. StudioCloud also provides ease with online booking to make sure that you set your schedules right. 
  • Customized Approach. StudioCloud lets you develop customer relationships further with personalized and automated text and email reminders for bookings. In addition, clients can review and sign contracts online with ease, all on a customized platform ideal for your branding. 

Pricing: Free; Partner Boost ($35 per Month, per user); Employee Boost ($65 per Month, per user)

Every online business needs to have a solid social media presence, and one of the most reliable business tools for this is Hootsuite. This social media management system helps you track and manage different social network channels. It lets you schedule posts, deal with queries, monitor feedback and assess various metrics from one central platform. Hootsuite is a helpful tool for these compelling reasons:

  • Manage Multiple Streams from One Platform. Managing different social network channels can be tedious, with Hootsuite providing a solution through one main platform. Hootsuite allows you to manage Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn pages, Instagram, WordPress blogs, Vimeo, Tumbler, Evernote, and many more. This is very helpful if you manage multiple accounts in different social media networks. 
  • Connect Services and Save Time. The most significant advantage of this business tool is its ability to post on multiple accounts all at once. This can be a real time saver and can be helpful if you need to get a message out much faster. 
  • Social Media Analytics. Hootsuite provides built-in analytics functionalities so you can compare your performance for different periods. This makes it easier to assess your social media activities and engagement to better plot your next moves. 

Pricing: Basic (Free); Professional ($49 per month); Team ($129 per month); Business ($599 per month)

7. HubSpot

One of the essential business tools you need to have in your array focuses on customer relationships. HubSpot is a cloud-based customer relationship management software designed to help align sales and marketing teams, encourage sales enablement, and optimize inbound marketing strategies to generate more leads. Simply said, the HubSpot platform allows your company to market and sell more effectively. Some of the benefits of using HubSpot CRM are:

  • No Limit. Using HubSpot allows your entire team to access your company’s account with an unlimited number of users. In addition, you can store as many as one million contacts and companies on the free platform, which are accessible to every member of your team. 
  • Coordinated Integration. HubSpot helps manage your team’s tasks by integrating Gmail and Outlook so that your team’s conversations with leads and clients can be easily accessed for reference. Team Emails can also be scheduled and set, making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Pricing: Basic (Free); Starter ($50 per month); Professional ($400 – $800 per month); Enterprise ($1,200 – $3,200 per month)

Every owner knows how taxing it can be to find a suitable candidate to fill in that job opening. Zoho Recruit provides a reliable applicant tracking system and recruitment software to streamline the hiring process. It helps you source, track, and hire the best candidate without all the fuss in between, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done. Zoho Recruit is a great business tool for these reasons:

  • Custom Career Webpage. Zoho Recruit enhances your company’s visibility and the job openings you have by creating a customized career webpage to extend your reach further. This career page lists every job opening with in-depth descriptions and can also accept applications for multiple job openings. 
  • Systems Integration. Zoho Recruit integrates well with Google applications, such as Google Calendar, to save time and avoid repetitive data entry. 
  • Automation. Instead of spending time managing your job hiring process, Zoho Recruit allows you to customize every aspect of your search. This is done by automating tasks such as sending emails, updating interview status, and more. Reports and analytics are also available so you can plan your hiring strategies going forward. 

Pricing: Standard ($25 per Month annually); Professional ($50 per Month annually); Enterprise ($75 per Month annually)

Running any business entails handling plenty of files and documents, and document management tools are needed to equip yourself better. FirmRoom is one of the business tools that provides a secure, cloud-based platform for document management and storage. Commonly used by companies in the financial sector, FirmRoom is designed explicitly for securing mergers and acquisitions. Its simple interface enables easy and seamless collaboration. FirmRoom also provides the following benefits:

  • Drag & Drop. FirmRoom enables users to drag and drop files for easy sharing and collaboration. It allows bulk uploads, customized notifications, audit trails, data analytics, and a user activity tracker, among many others. 
  • Virtual Data Room. FirmRoom’s Virtual Data Room is a secure online repository for document storage and distribution. FirmRoom also allows specific users to be hidden from other VDR participants, primarily used when specific files and topics are on a need-to-know basis.

Pricing: Standard ($500 per month); Premium ($1,000 per month); Enterprise ($3,000 per month)

One of the most reliable outsourcing tools you can find, SuperTasker helps you outsource and manage several tasks to a pool of specialized experts. All you need to do is detail the job you need to be done, which gets assigned to a freelancer for quick service. You can even request up to five revisions for each task to make sure that you end up happy with the quality of your completed job. SuperTasker is an excellent business tool for these reasons:

  • No Bidding. There is no bidding from freelancers and taskers on the platform. Pricing for different tasks is fixed, making the process more standardized. Freelancers, who are all screened by the SuperTasker Team, pick tasks up on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Reputation System. SuperTasker focuses on a much faster way to complete tasks and rely on a Reputation System for quality control. Feedback from customers is prioritized, with users able to review a freelancer’s ratings to ensure the highest quality of work. 
  • Wide Array of Services. SuperTasker covers just about any form of digital task you need. Services include Photo Retouching, File Conversion, Logo Creation, SEO, Presentation Formatting, WordPress Fixes, and a whole lot more. 

Pricing: SuperTasker is Free, with set pricing for each type of task that runs from $5 to $150 depending on the task and the number of hours to complete them.

A favorite tool for marketing specialists, CoSchedule is an all-in-one platform used for planning, organizing, and executing all things content marketing. Of the many business tools you can find online, CoSchedule is an excellent option whether you’re working solo, in-house, or at an agency. It helps you juggle all the tasks needed for multiple projects and keeps you organized throughout. CoSchedule is a great solution because of the following. 

  • Easy Drag and Drop Interface. CoSchedule is very easy to use, with its drag and drop calendar interface for better collaboration and scheduling of projects on one platform. This makes it easier to plan projects, collaborate with your team, and keep your content calendar organized from a single dashboard. 
  • Plan More Effectively and Save Time. CoSchedule makes it easier to plan all kinds of content marketing projects. Everyone on your team can access and view your entire editorial calendar and see when their work is due. Putting everything in one place takes away the need to dig through old emails or find files and notes. CoSchedule also has Task Templates with reusable checklists to delegate and manage tasks more efficiently. 
  • Content Creation Integrations. CoSchedule’s system is integrated with WordPress and top social networks for direct publishing from the app’s dashboard. In addition, social Automation and Best Time Scheduling are added tools that assist in maintaining a solid social media presence. 

Pricing: $29 per Month

12. Deputy

This cloud-based human resource management solution caters to businesses of all sizes in various industries, providing employee management and scheduling functionalities. Deputy provides an accessible format for scheduling and timesheets, taking away the usual chaos this can entail. Workable on any device helps managers and staff do their best work while making your scheduling and shift systems more efficient and engaging. Deputy is considered a helpful business tool for these reasons:

  • Rostering Application. Deputy’s system helps businesses create schedules more efficiently while also being able to calculate overtime systematically. For example, if a team member cancels their shift, manager’s can easily send a shift request to the staff on standby to fill the gap in the schedule. 
  • Seamless Connection. Deputy gives staff a convenient way to keep track of their shifts, request time off, and be updated from any device. It also integrates with leading payroll systems, POS, and HR systems for a cohesive experience. 

Pricing: Premium ($4.50 per month); Scheduling ($2.50 per month); Time & Attendance ($2.50 per month)

Used by 23,000 small businesses to organize, save time and grow sales, Infusionsoft is an app exclusively built for small businesses. Its integrated sales and marketing software combines CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce and payment solutions all-in-one. While the app may not be for beginners, its learning curve is manageable, and you’ll enjoy its plenty of powerful features and capabilities to take advantage of. Here’s why Infusionsoft is a great business tool:

  • Automate Sales and Marketing. Infusionsoft allows users to grow sales through automating sales and marketing efforts. The tool helps you map out each step of your sales and marketing strategy while automating repetitive tasks such as following up and ensuring better customer experiences. In addition, through automation, Infusionsoft allows you to stay consistent in your brand messaging throughout your campaigns to boost reputation and provide efficient service.  
  • Systems Integration. Infusionsoft integrates with many existing business systems and applications for convenient servicing. It’s integrated with systems and apps such as HappyFox, Bitium, Velocify, GroSocial, Sync for Outlook, Sync for Gmail, CustomerHub, and many more.
  • Vibrant Support Team. Infusionsoft has a pro-active tech support team that is more than willing to provide advice on how you can seamlessly blend Infusionsoft into your corporate ecosystem.

Pricing: Keap Grow ($79 per month); Keap Pro ($149 per month); Infusionsoft ($199 per month)

14. Odoo

An enterprise resource planning software used to manage business processes, Odoo is as comprehensive as it is technical. It’s made up of an integrated suite of business modules, including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, inventory management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing and purchasing. In addition, these systems communicate with each other to efficiently exchange information for a more reliable company system. Odoo is an excellent open-source solution for these reasons:

  • Modular System. Odoo comprises more than 30 main modules that are well maintained and regularly updated. This modular system allows users to utilize a subset of tools or add modules as needed. In addition, Odoo also allows more than 16,000 third-party applications and plug-ins that you can choose from to provide solutions better. 
  • Open-Sourced. Odoo is available in the cloud and can be used by businesses of all sizes. Since it is open-source, Odoo software can be easily customized. Developers can access the code to modify it based on your organization’s needs. It also integrates well with other systems, from payment processors to external shipping systems. 

Pricing: Odoo Community (Free); Odoo Enterprise ($20 per Month annually)


From increasing the relevance of marketing campaigns, boosting online presence and driving more conversions, business tools can provide the means of helping your business grow. The ability to make immediate decisions and adopt an efficient system can give your business a substantial competitive edge. These business tools help attain better effectiveness, which can significantly reflect the wins you can claim to achieve business success. 

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