20 Powerful Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

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If you’re ONLY investing in traditional digital marketing strategies, we don’t know what rock you’re living under. It’s 2021. Businesses have turned out to be more dependent on digital marketing strategies than ever before. And smart brands should adapt and learn about online advertising. Otherwise, you suffer the inevitable consequences of staying a little fish in a big pond where it’s hard for you to prosper without getting noticed, which is what most businesses are trying so hard to do.

But don’t fret. We’ll help you kick-start your online strategy by giving you 20 of the most effective digital marketing strategies online. 

1. Explainer videos

digital marketing strategies

Videos are relatively more effective than some other types of content. Plus, it’s changing how users engage with content nowadays. In 2014 alone, YouTube received the most unique visits in a month, totalling around 800 million! That makes YouTube the most popular site for video content. 

So if you’re wondering why videos are better than long-form content. Here are the top reasons:

  • Videos are concise
  • They show a problem and offer a solution
  • More creative freedom
  • Can be distributed anywhere
  • Appeal to old and new customers
  • Adaptable
  • Shows your brand personality
  • Chance to show your product benefits in half the time

2. Repurpose evergreen content

The term evergreen content isn’t a buzzword marketers use. In content marketing, evergreen content refers to content that stays fresh and relevant. In short, it’s the type of content that gains the most engagement, views, shares, and potential customers. Repurposing content means giving evergreen content a new life by transforming it into another type of media. 

Here’s a fun fact: Evergreen content was derived from evergreen trees such as fir or pine. These trees are typically used to decorate homes during the holiday seasons. In addition, evergreen trees symbolize perpetual life because their leaves last throughout the seasons. So it’s sustainable and ever-lasting.

Do a site audit and assess whether you need to repurpose content or not. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if you indeed need to go this route:

  • Do I need to reach a new audience?
  • Do I have favorite content that needs exposure?
  • Do I lack promotional efforts for my content?

If you answered YES to all three questions, then you need to repurpose. Here are some examples:

  • Webinars to video tutorials
  • Old blog posts to guides
  • Interviews to eBooks
  • Quora threads to blog posts
  • Slideshows to infographics

3. Personalize your emails

digital marketing strategies

Personalization is key to stand out nowadays. And emails are excellent marketing campaigns to connect with target markets on a personal level. A Dynamic Yield research shows that 71 percent of recipients are influenced more by personalized experience. This would lead them to open and scrutinize brand emails. The beauty about using emails is that you can use the power of data and leverage that information. 

A successful marketing strategy means getting more people to act, read, share, or do the next step to engage with your brand more. So if you want more personalized email marketing strategies, here are some tips:

  • Always segment your list 
  • Write the recipient’s name on the subject line or email content
  • Include behavior triggers
  • Be creative with the subject line and copy
  • Offer tips on how to use the products or services
  • Send emails at peak hours, depending on various time zones
  • Always A/B test your emails to see what works and what doesn’t

4. Host podcasts

digital marketing stratgies

Did you know that 222 million people are now familiar with podcasting? That goes to show how podcasting is becoming one of the go-to media types that people engage with, and for good reasons. Here’s why:

  • They’re personal
  • Portable
  • Convenient
  • They’re affordable
  • Time-efficient communication style
  • Easily digestible
  • Easily shareable on social networks
  • It’s on-demand nowadays

5. Give out free eBooks

Who says there’s no such thing as free lunch? Of course, there is — in the marketing world! Some of the best marketing strategies involve giving out something for free. And eBooks are perfect marketing strategies that bring a myriad of benefits for your brand. 

For one, eBooks increase sales. When you give out free stuff to customers, they will return the favor and support your brand in the future. Also, you can give free eBooks when customers purchase a high-value item. 

Secondly, this business marketing strategy builds a loyal customer base. When customers realize how brands extend their marketing efforts, this increases brand loyalty. 

6. Participate in forums

Forums are another effective digital marketing campaign that lets you connect with other like-minded individuals. Again, these are avenues where brands can find more of their target audience aside from search engines or social media channels. 

Some of the top forums websites are:

  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Stack Overflow
  • GamesSpot
  • XDA-Developers

Participating in forums proves to be a natural advertising tactic because people visit forums to ask questions, get information, or share stories. You need to be mindful of how you compose your comments to not sound like you’re pitching your products. 

7. Showcase some BTS snippets

Emotional marketing strategies work because humans are innately sensitive to heart-warming stories of people. The adage, “People don’t like being sold, but they love to buy,” still rings true today. And that’s why consumers are more drawn to brands with meaningful and heart-touching stories and experiences. 

That said, post behind-the-scenes snippets of your team, their hard work, or how your company does your everyday routine. These are what makes your brand human, and put a face to that logo. 

8. Run online giveaways

Social media is a perfect avenue to create buzz online. Brands can go viral quickly, provided that they create interesting and unique posts. In addition, word-of-mouth campaigns are effective types of marketing. And this makes online giveaways or contests a top pick for most advertisers. 

Why? It’s simple. People are bombarded with ordinary posts on social media that a contest from their favorite or cool brands would pique their interest. 

Leverage user-generated content. UGC refers to any content such as videos, testimonials, reviews, pictures, blog posts, or tweets created by brand patrons. For example, brand patrons or customers would promote a brand’s product or service. This makes for effective digital marketing strategies as people love good recommendations from users. 

In fact, 70 percent of consumers consider purchasing a product after reading UGC ratings or reviews. One example would be to run a giveaway contest where people can like and share your post in their stories. Plus, you can then ask your followers to tag two people in the comments section. This instantly offers marketing mileage for brands as the posts will be shared and re-shared.

9. Co-branding

Co-branding means partnering with another brand for more impactful marketing. When choosing another brand, it’s recommended to find one with a similar target audience. This way, you know you’re advertising to people who will likely be interested in your product as well. 

An example would be GoPro and Red Bull. These two sports brands have collaborated on so many projects. But the most significant one was the “Stratos” campaign when Felix Baumgartner recorded a parachute jump from the edge of space. 

10. Work with influencers

On top of working with other brands, you can also work with micro- or macro-influencers. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to date. It offers more natural forms of marketing as opposed to directly pitching your products to target audiences. 

Here are some benefits of influencer marketing:

  • Quickly builds trust as influencers’ followers will likely trust all brands they use
  • Fills gaps in your content strategy in case you run out of ideas
  • Improves brand awareness as influencers with massive followership offer extensive reach
  • Offers incredible brand value as you’re putting a popular face to that name and logo
  • Reaches more prospects
  • Builds partnerships that can benefit your brand in the long run

11. Prioritize local SEO

Local SEO refers to showing up on Google’s local search results listings. This type of organic traffic is beneficial for businesses with brick-and-mortar stores or serving a particular geographic location. 

It still requires the use of keywords, your site’s authority, and content quality to show up in local listings. For example, if you’re searching for the keywords “best pizza near me,” there will be at least three listings that will show up on the right side of search results. 

12. Update content regularly

If you’ve published a lot of content on your site, then don’t let it sit there and rot. Updating content regularly helps with Domain Authority. The Domain Authority refers to a website’s relevance to a particular industry or area. The higher the DA score, the more search engines will rank your content. 

Moreover, if you’ve built a solid readership, your readers will most likely visit your site for more information. Keeping your content updated means your website keeps up with the trends. Overall, this builds trust within your target readers. 

13. Create compelling visuals

In a visually centric world, it’s recommended to keep all your marketing strategies visually aesthetic. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and brands should capture their audience’s attention to stand out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create long-form content. 

Try to balance copy and visuals. Better yet, let the graphics speak for the message. Did you know that humans process images 60,000 times faster than text? That said, make sure all your content contains eye-catching visuals to hook users. 

For example, online users try to ignore banner ads as much as they can. However, if they find the visuals appealing, it might compel them to click and check out the banner ad.

14. Automate your email newsletters

Email automation offers better reach compared to manually sending emails. Tools like Mailchimp can help you with this. In addition, you can schedule your emails to engage with specific visitors, such as new customers or repeat buyers. This way, you can connect with your audience while still doing other more essential business tasks. 

Moreover, using aggregated data from analytics gives you a more targeted marketing strategy. Overall, email automation helps you find your audience without losing that personalization factor. 

15. Post on social media regularly

For brands to make waves on social media, they need to post regularly. Social media brand pages that post once a week might not get the traction they want. Social media users will think that the brand is inactive if that’s the case. 

On the other hand, posting regularly means you’re improving brand awareness and increasing your engagement. A higher number of users will see your post and engage with it. If you get lucky, users might even share it on their feed. 

The most important thing is to use a social media calendar so you can automatically schedule posts. Every social media channel has a recommended time for posting, so try to take advantage of that to maximize your views and impressions.

16. Try guest blogging

Guest blogging is another effective marketing strategy that can gain brand exposure. It’s when you contact other high authority sites so they can publish your blog on their channel. Some guest blogging benefits are: 

  • Instant exposure
  • Expands your network
  • Improves website authority
  • Enhances brand awareness
  • Generates more qualified leads
  • Boosts your social media following
  • Increases social media shares
  • Builds backlinks
  • Gains more feedback from the same community
  • Leads to more sales and conversions

17. Show corporate social responsibility

People are more drawn to brands that share the same values and principles. And this is where you can hook more audiences by leveraging corporate social responsibility. Try to blast your social channels with how you help the community behind closed doors. 

Supporting charity and fundraising events will not only boost brand exposure. But it will also put your brand in the best light possible. You have to make sure that your audience knows about it. Try to record behind-the-scenes snippets of your team helping out in these events.

18. Invest in landing pages

If you already have a company website, then don’t neglect investing in landing pages. Landing pages are stand-alone web pages that only have one goal — CONVERSION. It might look similar to a homepage, but the design involves techniques to make users act. 

This is one of the best marketing strategies because it’s targeted and has a high conversion rate. An Unbounce article shows landing pages have a 9.7 percent conversion rate. But all landing pages aren’t created equal. You have to apply techniques to create compelling landing pages.

Here are some landing page best practices:

  • Keep action above the fold
  • Use compelling and concise copy
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Match your message with the ads
  • Include directional cues to lead users to essential data down to the call to action
  • Get rid of navigation menu and other distractions
  • Put your product front and center
  • Keep it visually appealing
  • Make your CTA evident

19. Leverage social proof

Did you know that 92 percent of consumers would likely trust non-paid recommendations? This means, using social proof can entice more prospects to buy your products. And since most online buyers read reviews before purchasing a product, it’s recommended to showcase social proof whenever you can. 

Include customer testimonials on your homepage or landing pages. Or you can also display a five-star rating on your banner ads. Better yet, compile clips of customers who are happy with your service and blast the video on social media. 

20. Do A/B testing

A/B testing refers to showing two variants of a web page to two different groups of audiences simultaneously. Advertisers then use statistical analysis to determine which web page or ad performs better. Depending on your goal, you can gauge the ad’s performance and modify your future marketing strategies for optimum results. Online tools such as Optimizely can help brands with split testing.

Wrap Up

These digital marketing strategies are foolproof ways to put your brand out there. If you still don’t have online marketing tactics in place, you’ll miss out on your online audience. Pair these with conventional marketing ideas, and you’ll see your business surge in ways unimaginable. 

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