Why Your 6/7 Figure Business Needs a Good System for Effective Brand Awareness… and how you could do it.

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Recently, one of our customers who had been in our Inner Circle commented that our new revamp has actually strengthened our brand promise:

“That’s great, I like the renewed focus and looking forward to working with you”

Not only did he have a renewed sense of confidence in our capabilities, he applauded our desire to work closely to enhance customer intimacy with our bespoke services.

Brand awareness pertains to how well your target audience is familiar with the characteristics of your brand. It’s a crucial step in growing your business so your prospects can differentiate you from others and choose you over your competitors. However, when you’ve reached a significant level of busyness, this is when brand awareness can seem to take a back seat. 

Put your brand promise front and centre of your mind when making any changes or decisions. So how do you keep your brand awareness strong to welcome a steady stream of new customers?

It all boils down to systems.

3 Systems You Can Put in Place for Continuous and Effective Brand Awareness

A brand is basically a promise that you deliver. Often, it is a mindset, based on certain values and principles. There are three ways that can help expand your reach and keep brand awareness strong and impactful.

1. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing so you can stop relying on organic sign-ups
brand awareness

Let your current customers do the talking! 

When it comes to brand awareness, one of the primary issues of a six to seven-figure business owner is the brand not doing what it’s supposed to when reaching this level. When you’ve gained a regular clientele, you’d think that your target audience will know about your brand from various marketing channels. 

While entrepreneurs at this point are motivated to launch innovative advertising methods, they’re missing one advantage that can propel their brand awareness further — their current customers.

Expect brand loyalty and affinity when you’ve nurtured your relationship with your current customers. These customers will be the extended marketing avenues that will bring in more clients for your business. The best way to use this advantage is to first look at the customer journey. Find ways to connect with your customer to ensure satisfaction at multiple levels, including situations where you adopt effective customer recovery in a bad situation.

Then you can encourage current customers because your delivery of your promise is likely to get them to share their experience with others. Don’t be mistaken – this can be a tedious process at first. But once you find a way to set this up for regularity, things will fall in place. This will eventually give you more freedom in the business by not focusing too much on new marketing campaigns, but you’re gaining new customers who deeply trust your brand.

2. Gather testimonials that highlight your product or service’s quality and customer service excellence over the years
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Your happy customers would be more than willing to go the extra mile and put in a good word for you.As you probably know, when you put these testimonials front and center, your success stories could do the selling for you. By reading your testimonials, you’re already establishing credibility and trust within your target audience. 

Not surprisingly, when you get a testimonial, it often provides you with clues about the promises that you already have delivered. If you continue to foster client relationships, they will write testimonials that you can showcase, but also use as a means to hunt for similar customers who want such a promise fulfilled. 

Testimonials reinforce the quality of your product or service, show the strengths of your promise, and the categories of your customers, often causing prospects of a similar profile to look to you for your services.

Display these testimonials, not for the social proof, but to show that whenever you are making a claim, you can instantly demonstrate how you have already delivered on your promises!

3. Realign your branding to stay relevant within your target market, especially when shifting from growth to scaling
brand awareness

Founders of 6 or 7 figure businesses have to ensure they review their branding whenever changes occur. Some of these changes could be in organizational structure, culture, products, or services. And all these changes should also re-align with your branding, so you stay relevant within your target market. 

A useful way to do this is to check if your intended changes are based on characteristics of your agreed upon brand charter. What do you stand for? What is the positioning in your customers’ mind? How is the change potentially contrary to your brand characteristics? When you systematically answer these questions, you will get clearer alignment and lessen any confusion the customer might have.


Implementing systems is crucial for brand awareness because it helps strengthen your vision, goal, and communication that allows for business scaling. However, it can be hard thinking of proper systems once you’re earning six to seven figures, and you might rack your brains for what you might be doing that isn’t working. It’s time to get a third-party perspective of what might be bogging down your brand awareness campaigns. Talk to us so we can learn the foundations of your business, implement the proper systems, and eliminate the struggles of reaching out to prospects.

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