27 Top Free and Paid Online Business Tools

online business tools

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With most businesses today operating online, having the best tools can gain effective results and level up your game from the rest of the competition. With the advent of COVID-19 providing new challenges in all industries, entrepreneurs and businesses have found online solutions to stay more relevant. These online business tools can help start and grow online businesses a lot faster, allowing you to scale your business even further. 

In this article, you’ll be introduced to a list of online business tools set in different categories. Whether it’s setting up your online presence, or keeping track of your engagements, to tools for communication and payment, these online business tools can aid you in achieving business success.

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Email Marketing
online business tools

Brands, advertisers, and employees use email marketing tools to create, send, automate, test, and optimize email campaigns. This includes segregating email lists and A/B testing campaigns. Here are the most commonly used online business tools for email campaigns:

online business tools

One of the reliable online business tools best known for their marketing automation platform, HubSpot, has a free email marketing tool that businesses can use. It can provide support for any small business’ transactional email needs. And with a promise of an ROI of approximately $44 for every $1 spent, email marketing continues to be one of the most cost-effective marketing channels.


  • Ease of Use. HubSpot’s free email tool is easy to use, with its handy drag-and-drop visual editor. In addition, it comes with ready-made templates you can choose from to get you up and running right from the start.
  • Native Integration. HubSpot Email Marketing offers native integration with other HubSpot tools, such as its HubSpot CRM tool. Opening an account with HubSpot provides access to both tools for a centralized contact database and more efficient tracking and organization of email performance.

Price: Free – Sign Up; Paid Account – $25/Month (More than 10,000 emails)

A leader among online business apps, Mailchimp offers free and paid plan options with basic email features such as scheduling and email creation. Companies that send fewer than 12,000 emails can take advantage of impressive features offered on this platform for free but won’t have access to more robust reports providing detailed insights, which you can get with a paid account.


  • Content Manager. Design emails fast and easy with Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop Content Manager, with email templates and storage for images and access to files.
  • Built-in Sign Up Forms. Gathering subscribers across the web is easier with Mailchimp’s built-in signup forms, which you can easily attach to your designed content.
  • Smart Recommendations. Mailchimp has a smart recommendations feature, providing precious audience insights that can help optimize your efforts.

Price: Free Plan; Paid Account – $2.20 per month for two year Plan + (3 Months Free at CyberGhost VPN) (More than 12,000 emails)

Sendinblue is an online business tool that features email marketing tools and other functions such as CRM and landing page creation. This cloud-based online business software has over 80,000 users in more than 160 countries, sending over 100 million emails per day.


  • Automation. Sendinblue provides excellent assistance in automation efforts, from launching marketing campaigns such as newsletters and SMS campaigns to building automation workflows that send personalized emails.
  • Easy and Appealing. It has over 70 design templates you can use, making email creation fun and easy to design. In addition, these responsive templates allow you to preview your end design before sending them so you can be sure of the way it looks on any screen format.
  • A/B Testing. After designing your email content, Sendinblue offers A/B testing features and segmented recipient lists so you can target your ideal audiences and optimize campaigns.

Price: Free – Sign Up; Paid Account – $65/month (More than 20,000 emails)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
online business tools

A customer relationship management tool or CRM tool is all about what goes down with customer interactions and any possible sales opportunities. These tools let you store customer information and all customer interactions in a central location accessible to anyone in the company. Here are some examples:

online business tools

HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular and reliable online business tools that focuses on small businesses. It brings together customer service, sales, and marketing tools to access features such as analytics, automation, and lead generation, allowing you to optimize your efficiency.  


  • CRM Features. It includes all the essential functions from a CRM Software, allowing you to keep track of company activities, company profiles, and contacts, assigning and tracking deals, as well as managing all this data in a unified dashboard.
  • Central Hub. HubSpot’s software provides a central hub for stakeholders to access easily. This provides everything your team needs to know, such as insights on traffic, revenue, and prospecting options.  
  • Integration. HubSpot CRM offers integration options with popular apps such as Shopify, SalesForce, and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as other HubSpot online tools.

 Price: Free – Sign Up; Paid Account – $46/month

One of the online business tools widely used for its CRM software, SalesForce offers plenty of features, third-party integrations, and add-on options. Unfortunately, Salesforce doesn’t provide any free bundles but is ideal for larger businesses.


  • Comprehensive Business Ecosystem. Salesforce seamlessly integrates with a range of business products, from different categories that include Sales Cloud Services, Marketing Services, and other cloud-based features.
  • Productivity Features. Salesforce’s built-in project management feature offers highly manageable and easy-to-build workflows for more efficient assigning and monitoring tasks and confirming permissions.
  • Popular Integrations. Being one of the CRM online business applications that are widely used, SalesForce maintains easy integrations with other broadly used apps. Using AppExchange, end users can access Jira, Outlook, Zapier, and other data and development tools. These can be easily imported and integrated into a user’s Salesforce CRM.

Price: Essentials ($25/month/user); Professional ($75/month/user); Enterprise ($150/user/month); Unlimited ($300/month/user)

6. Zoho

online business tools