How to Build Confidence as an Entrepreneur: 15 Quick Tips

how to build confidence at work

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Every entrepreneur aims to be successful, but they don’t have the one essential trait that’s fundamental to business success — CONFIDENCE. According to an Indeed survey, 99% of business owners believe that confidence can make or break your business. Read on to learn how to build confidence as an entrepreneur. 

Confidence can be misconstrued by many entrepreneurs. When you’re overly confident, the people around you can perceive you as arrogant. On the flip side, when you’re not voicing your opinions as an entrepreneur, your partners and employees may think you lack confidence. So let’s define what confidence is to an entrepreneur. 

In a nutshell, confidence as an entrepreneur means knowing one’s competency and what you bring to the table in terms of skills and expertise. Moreover, being confident as an entrepreneur means you walk the talk, emanating throughout the business. The only downside is when people take your confidence the wrong way. But don’t let that faze you. 

As long as you’re confident in yourself, your skills, abilities, and the value you provide to your business, your confidence will only bring you nowhere but up. Additionally, when you’re more confident as an entrepreneur, you can:

  • Be more assertive in running your business, and people will take you more seriously 
  • Communicate more effectively with concision and clarity
  • Handle more challenging projects and clients because you believe in your skills
  • Boost your partners’ or employees’ morale

Wondering how to build confidence as an entrepreneur? Try these 15 simple tips!

1. Set small attainable business goals

how to build your confidence at work

Having goals will make you see things more clearly. However, entrepreneurs sometimes set business goals that become too overwhelming to achieve. And once they experience bumps along the way, it can be easy to raise the white flag and feel disappointed. That said, set small attainable goals that will lead to bigger ones in the long run. 

For example, your goal can be to increase your typing speed. Create a list of achievable objectives that help you reach your goal, such as practicing 30 minutes per day or taking up to three typing tests daily. Once you achieve small wins, you’ll slowly build your confidence. This will translate into the bigger business goals that you have for your business, and allows you to know that you’re capable of anything with the right attitude and mindset.

2. Believe in yourself as an entrepreneur

how to build your confidence at work

As an entrepreneur, the only person you can truly depend on is yourself. So take care of your mental and physical health and believe in your abilities. They say that you inhale the kind of vibe you give off. Additionally, the universe conspires whatever it is that people manifest. So manifest all good things about yourself.

Instead of saying, “I can’t,” you can say, “I CAN.” Of course, it might be easier said than done. But one thing you can do is create a list of the things you like about yourself. Jot down positive characteristics and small successful tasks to build your confidence as an entrepreneur.

3. Avoid negativity

how to build your confidence at work

Knowing how to build confidence as an entrepreneur entails eliminating negativity in your life. It’s crucial to put yourself first and love yourself despite your flaws. Never be too critical of yourself, as this only brings you down. Entertaining self-doubt will only lead to more frustrations and disappointments when you’re facing challenges. 

The best way to eliminate negativity is to change your mindset. You can practice self-love techniques such as celebrating small successes and feeling proud of yourself when you exceed expectations.

4. Ask questions

how to build your confidence at work

One way to build confidence as an entrepreneur is by being more assertive. To show your assertiveness, you can ask more questions. Some entrepreneurs don’t ask questions, especially during meetings, for fear of getting criticised. However, not asking questions or not clarifying confusion ends up causing you to feel lost instead.

When one seeks direction, asking as many questions as possible gives you acceptable answers that help apparent confusion. Plus, instead of thinking the worst of you, your partners and employees will look up to you if you’re not afraid to ask questions.

5. Work with a mentor

how to build your confidence at work

If you’re eager to know how to build confidence as an entrepreneur, find a business mentor you can work with. When a business venture is in the works, the entire journey can become too overwhelming. 

The best way to build confidence as an entrepreneur is to embrace all tried-and-tested tips and methods from an experienced mentor. Additionally, a mentor will help you build confidence over time.

We do this in Super Scaling for our clients, by acting as their mentors and board of advisors. With the decade of experience and expertise, we provide perspective and advice that allow our clients to grow in confidence as entrepreneurs without having to make painful mistakes.

6. Develop new skills

how to build your confidence at work

Entrepreneurs can sometimes feel unconfident because they know they have limited abilities and skills, especially in certain areas of business. To take your confidence level up a notch, don’t be afraid to learn and develop new skills. 

For instance, it can be learning how to navigate a new software platform or increasing your typing speed. Write down your new goal and ensure that you create small, attainable objectives to achieve your goals.

7. Join training programs

how to build your confidence at work

Learning how to build confidence as an entrepreneur means being competent with your role and responsibilities. As you gain mastery as an entrepreneur, you’ll realise that more and more people rely on you, encouraging you to be more productive and efficient.

If you’re trying to hone your skills and competencies, you can explore training programs. This way, you can work on areas that need improvement. In Super Scaling, we run a variety of courses catered to entrepreneurs, such as interviewing skills, project management, leadership, learning how to motivate employees, and so on. These are highly specific entrepreneurship skillsets that benefit the business.

Find out more about our training programs for entrepreneurs here.

8. Ask for support from friends, family, and peers

how to build your confidence at work

Tell your loved ones or trusted peers that you’re working on how to build confidence as an entrepreneur. This way, they can give you support in any way they can. Your loved ones can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll know how to improve them. Also, seeking encouragement from peers, who are entrepreneurs as well, gives you support and allows you to move forward whenever it feels like your business is going nowhere. Having access to a circle of trusted peers also gives you different perspectives about specific areas of your business, which is why we build such a strong community of driven entrepreneurs, here at Super Scaling.

Find out more about our entrepreneur networks here.

9. Take on new challenges

One way to boost your confidence as an entrepreneur is by taking on new challenges. It can either be new projects or clients or roles that will make you step out of your comfort zone. Whenever there’s anything new that you need to explore, don’t fear unfamiliarity. Look at unfamiliarity as opportunities of growth.

When taking on new and challenging projects, don’t fear failure. Plus, never compare your progress with other experienced people in this task. Instead, see it as a learning opportunity and you might find that you end up liking it!

10. Monitor your achievements

how to build your confidence at work

Don’t worry about not having a successful business yet. Scaling up a business takes time. What you can do is to just keep track of your wins, no matter how small, by storing them in an “achievement sheet.” Write down all your achievements, including those commendations from friends, partners, and peers.

Include even the simplest “kudos” in the form of brief messages, emails, or texts. You can always look back to this sheet whenever you need a little confidence boost.

11. Work on your weaknesses

Entrepreneurs tend to only look at their strengths. After all, it’s what allowed them to start and grow their businesses. However, it’s also important to embrace your weaknesses, but not to obsess over what you’re not good at. Instead,  you can focus on how you can make these areas better. Also, refrain from comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs who are running more successful businesses. You don’t know what they had to go through to get to where they are now. 

What you can do instead is to learn how to build confidence as an entrepreneur by jotting down your weaknesses. Then work on them one by one. One thing that you can do is gather support and encouragement from your friends, loved ones, peers and business partners. 

12. Work from your strengths

how to build your confidence at work

When you step into your role of entrepreneur every day, remind yourself what your strengths are and find a way to work from your strengths. Then, integrate your strengths into your everyday tasks, roles, and responsibilities. 

When you leverage your strengths to run your business, you’re reassured and confident that you’ll likely get good results. This will give you a boost of confidence.

13. Develop a growth mindset

Confidence is a state of mind, not just for entrepreneurs, but for people in general. Even if you’re not the most skilled nor experienced entrepreneur, you can invest in yourself and grow till you surprise even yourself. This won’t happen if you’re constantly harnessing self-doubts. 

You will need to develop a growth mindset that will get you past the level you’re currently in. A growth mindset helps you reflect on what you need to do to grow and improve personally and as an entrepreneur.

14. Embrace failures

how to build your confidence at work

Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey. We will fail multiple times on this journey, but failures aren’t a bad thing. Failures teach you how to build confidence as an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs tend to have this halo of fear regarding mistakes and failures. The truth is, failures teach us how to improve to make us and the business stronger. Failures also teach us life and business lessons that we can learn from. If you have a fear of failure, you’ll definitely be missing out on opportunities that will help grow your business.

15. Display confident body language

how to build your confidence at work

Confidence is also a reflection of how someone acts or speaks. Emulating confident people like other entrepreneurs or thought leaders will teach you how to build confidence as an entrepreneur. Learn from other entrepreneurs whom you find are confident, and observe their body language. Then, try to internalise those behaviours. Something as simple as standing tall or smiling can make a difference to how you feel, and how others perceive your confidence.

How To Build Confidence as an Entrepreneur

Even though confidence is innate, it can be developed through the methods above. Learning and implementing some of these tips can help you grow as an entrepreneur. Working on your strengths, weaknesses, mindset, and skills can help you tremendously to build your confidence.

At Super Scaling, we have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to allow them to become stronger and more confident versions of themselves. Find out more about our programs for entrepreneurs here.

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