How to Find a Business Mentor: 10 Effective Ways

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Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you one thing: Running a business is an uphill battle. An up-and-coming entrepreneur can feel too overwhelmed, especially without ample experience. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to raise the white flag. A simple and cost-efficient solution could be hiring or working with a business mentor. Read on as we delve deeper into business mentoring. We’ll also throw in some tips on how to find a business mentor best-suited for you and your business.

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What Does a Business Mentor Do?
how to find a business mentor

If you want to know how to find a business mentor, you have to accept the responsibilities and limitations of this role. In a nutshell, a business mentor is someone experienced in business who will give you tips, advice, and guidance while you’re running your own. They are in no way, shape or form, investors who will provide funding for your business. 

In addition, business mentors must be people who have been on the rollercoaster ride of business where they were able to turn failure into success. 

Business mentoring may be classified into two types:

  • Face-to-face business mentoring 
  • Online business mentoring

Face-to-face business mentoring is a more formal type of business mentorship where an entrepreneur and mentor schedule sessions face to face. The mentor may prepare business goals and objectives to ensure that every meeting is fruitful. Both parties must agree on the mentoring structure and how much involvement the entrepreneur wants for the mentor.

On the other hand, online business mentoring is more informal compared to face-to-face business mentoring. The mentee and the mentor meet virtually, which creates a more casual environment and set-up for both. This type of business mentoring is beneficial for both parties that are geographically challenged. 

Every new entrepreneur would want all the help they can get to start their business from the ground up. Entrepreneurs can collaborate with their friends and family for business mentoring, which is mostly free. Otherwise, they can also subscribe to a business mentorship service or hire a freelance business mentor from online marketplaces.

4 Benefits of Having a Business Mentor
how to find a business mentor

Working with a business mentor means you’ll always have a second opinion about critical business decisions. Moreover, getting tips and advice from someone who has been on the same road before sounds promising for your venture as well. So before we tell you how to find a business mentor, know the benefits of having one first. 

Support and Guidance

Getting yourself into a jam is inevitable if you’re a new business owner. You’ll likely experience the “lows” when first starting with your business. If you’re a sole proprietor, it can be physically, mentally, and emotionally draining carrying all the burdens in business. 

That said, having a business mentor means you’ll have emotional and mental support all the way. Moreover, a business mentor will help guide you drive your business in its journey. He acts as the passenger while you take on the wheel. 

Starting a business from the ground up can put too much responsibility on one person. Also, you won’t have a boss to consult with because you’re already the boss who calls the shots. This is where a business mentor steps in whenever you need to make crucial business decisions, validate methods and processes or ask for opinions and feedback.

Proven Methods

Remember that business mentors have experience running a successful business. They’ve also been through rollercoaster rides and have also taken the bull by the horns. Amidst all of it, though, they’re resilient and triumphant. And that’s the only lesson you need to learn from business mentors — how to overcome failures and lead a successful business. 

Knowing how to find a business mentor will enable you to find the right one. Someone who also has ample experience in your industry is preferable. However, that rule doesn’t always follow as you can learn industry trends and practices from other resources. 

The fundamental reason for a business mentor is someone who will teach you how to rise amidst failures and mistakes and turn those into steppingstones for bringing the business forward. Overall, a business mentor will help you develop your business skills and build your confidence.

Network Expansion

Since business mentors have dealt with other businesspeople before, they’ll likely introduce you to a handful of them when the situation calls for it. Having been in the commerce industry for years, business mentors relatively have an extensive network. 

If you develop and nurture your relationship with your mentor, he’ll likely open his network to you as well. This is beneficial for a new entrepreneur like you who needs connections to run the business smoothly.

Relationship Built on Trust

Working with your business mentor for the first few months will entail a deeper connection to enable both to open up and express themselves. Then, as you work with your business mentor for months or years, you’ll develop trust within your bubble. 

The more you work with your business mentor, the more you trust each other with your challenges. Overall, this can build an excellent foundation, which is a good basis for a business work partnership.

How to Find a Business Mentor: 8 Qualities to Look For
how to find a business mentor

Before we tell you how to find a business mentor, here’s a rundown of the qualities you need to consider. Working with a person with the right qualities will ensure the relationship isn’t disorganized. Instead, the working relationship will be harmonious because you are a good fit for one another.

Great Chemistry

how to find a business mentor

You’ll need someone best suited for you, or else you’ll never be able to work seamlessly due to various backgrounds, characteristics, and principles. If possible, choose someone who is also experienced in the industry you’re in. If not, choose a business mentor with extensive knowledge of business skills and practices. 

Most importantly, ensure that both of you have great chemistry right off the bat. You’ll know and feel this after a few lunches out together or quick coffee meetings. Talk about what your business goals are or what your overall goals are in life.


how to find a business mentor

Wondering how to find a business mentor who will stick with you until the end, even when the going gets tough? First, assess how committed your business mentor is. It’s recommended that you ask about his availability as you don’t want to be left hanging. 

While some entrepreneurs prefer different meeting frequencies, you have to make this clear to your business mentor. Next, decide on a regular meeting with your mentor. Would you rather talk to him once a week? Or would you prefer to discuss progress with him a couple of times weekly? Your business mentor must be fully committed to checking up on you regularly and vice versa.

Positive Attitude

how to find a business mentor

The last thing you want from a business mentor is negativity. You want your business mentor to always see the positive side of failures, setbacks, and bumps along the way. New entrepreneurs may feel down whenever a setback occurs. 

A business mentor’s role is to build the entrepreneur’s confidence and rise against failures and mistakes. Find a business mentor who will encourage you to push forward even when everything seems to push you backward.


how to find a business mentor

If you’re wondering how to find a business mentor who can contribute to your overall well-being, consider respectfulness as a quality. You want a business mentor who values respect within your working relationship. 

Find a business mentor who will respect your opinions and value them. This partnership should be a two-way street. That said, also show respect to whatever your business mentor has to say.

Provides Honest Feedback

how to find a business mentor

A business mentor who gives honest feedback is vital, so you’ll know where you need to improve. In addition, constructive criticism is extremely beneficial for new entrepreneurs as you’re still testing the waters in your industry. 

It can be difficult for a sole proprietor to see things from another perspective. And that’s why having a business mentor around will let you see the other side of the coin. He’ll point out your strengths and allow you to improve your weaknesses.

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