3 Keys to Scaling a Business Effectively

keys to scaling a business

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Scaling a business could be a six-figure business founder’s downfall if the mindset isn’t switched to “scaling” mode. You may have all the plans and exhaust all capabilities in managing your business, but your abilities will inevitably reach their limits. And although you end up accomplishing your plans, the outcome may not be as satisfactory. This is due to you doing things you dislike or don’t know about doing. For example, you might think you can manage people, but in reality, you might not have proper training in how to manage people. You might want to achieve every goal on your list but not know where to start. And it leaves you trapped, exhausted, and out of focus, causing your business’s demise. 

If you want to live life the way a business owner should, it all boils down to three simple things: Delegation, People, and Vision. So if you want to unlock the road to business freedom, do these significant keys that’ll remove the shackles of entrapment.

1. Stop being the bottleneck by effectively delegating
keys to scaling a business

John was a client who delegated a lot of his work in one area of product creation but ended up causing an overreliance on him as a decision-maker. So, he delegated, but somehow still ended up with lots of work to do. This has to do with bottlenecks.

You may not realize the bottlenecks slowing down the pace in every department because your focus is all over the place. So hunt for and remove bottlenecks. The first step in finding any missing gear in an active engine is to map out the blueprint. Where your team is concerned, it means knowing your processes.

When you know what everyone does from start to finish and what process each task entails, you can check the timeframe for when something ought to be done and completed. You can then assess why one task takes longer than expected. 

Often, founders are not used to delegating. The fact is delegation is hard work – you are likely to hand over work to someone who isn’t as competent as you are. But this is necessary to identify gaps. 

Don’t just delegate to pass on responsibility and lift some of the burdens off your shoulders. Delegate effectively by finding the right people. Even if they don’t presently do the job well, there should be a system to help bring them up to speed.

John now knows that he has to deliberately pull himself out of the system and replace himself with other people who can be groomed to get the task done.

When you are building a system to remove bottlenecks in operational output, you will find that you have to hire more people in the long run so that the system works optimally. When this foundation is set right, you will have attained a proper structure for scale.

2. Explore your people’s talents and help them maximize their strengths
keys to scaling a business

Kenneth was an employee of a client, and his focus was technology and automation in the business. But while he was good at it, he secretly longed to do graphic design. It was uncanny because he had zero qualifications in that. Yet, when given the chance, Kenneth was able to prove his graphic designs were world-class and loved by customers.

In a well-prepared business, ready to scale, they have the right people in the right positions, doing the right things. Leverage your existing employees’ skills and talents by ensuring they are paired with the appropriate tasks and responsibilities. You may not notice all their talents, especially if you’re a busy founder monitoring all aspects of your six- or seven-figure business. Still, the people you hired for a specific position might be better at other positions. And you won’t identify their strengths and renewed interests if you don’t have processes to communicate with them and give them a chance to. 

Letting them try out new things and tasks is the only way you can gauge if they’re better off in another department or position. And when they excel in other areas, nurture those skills and maximize their strengths by providing ample resources, training, and tools necessary. With expanded capacity, you can be assured that your business will then be in a better position to scale.

3. Stay attuned to your vision to always identify the “WHY” to everything you do
keys to scaling a business

Dan runs a multimillion dollar enterprise. The truth is that he enjoys every bit of it, including getting busy. But one day, he came back from a holiday to realize that all he wanted was to spend time with his family. He felt that business was never-ending and that just making money would ruin his life. So, his action step with us was to review his entire business, so that it would be structured to run without him. He leaned hard on his why – his family – so that he would be moved to find his executives to make his dream come true.

Remember that every action in your business must lead to your vision of scale. A good ol’ reminder is necessary, especially if the journey to scaling a business takes its toll on your schedule, freedom, and focus. 

Scaling your business would entail more tasks, which means you can always get tied up. This busyness could lead to you losing sight of what is important. This is when you turn a blind eye to the right opportunities and say YES to the wrong ones. And this will spell disaster for your business as this will get you sidetracked on the right path that’ll lead to your vision. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a clarity of vision. You must have a strong idea of which journey you want to take and constantly remind yourself of that journey because the road will lead you there.

For example, every company banks on marketing, and entrepreneurs preach that marketing is a game of numbers. But that can be far from the truth. By bringing in more numbers that do not convert, or by having so many customers that you can no longer pay attention to them, you aren’t going to be able to truly scale. It will be a dangerous leaky pipe in your engine.

It’s imperative to stick to your vision and identify the “WHY” in everything you do. You won’t have to focus on superficial metrics when you know the WHY to the WHAT. Instead, you’ll focus on what truly matters, such as why your people are doing what they do and why you’re connecting with your target audience in the first place.


It can be hard to stay laser-focused, especially if you’re under pressure and juggling different tasks and responsibilities. The only people who can pinpoint bottlenecks and blind spots in your business are those with years of experience and a proven track record, such as our Super Scaling business coaches. So you don’t lose sight of where you’re leading your company, have a discussion with us so we can give you more of these critical points in scaling a business to eight or nine figures. 

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