7 Mistaken Approaches to Productivity a 6/7 Figure Business Cannot Afford To Take

mistakes to productivity

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Most six to seven-figure business founders have the wrong definition of productivity. So this leads them to conjure up the wrong approaches they think are doing good but are actually doing harm to their business and the entire team. If they continue making the wrong approaches to productivity, it’s likely that their efforts aren’t steered in the right direction. As a result, business owners will waste time and hinder themselves or their team from making REAL productive progress. In turn, this will impede their goals of reaching eight or nine figures.

If you feel you’re in the same boat, maybe you’re guilty of making these mistakes to productivity (which, by the way, impedes your momentum and potential in scaling your business)!

1. Not being in the right emotional state
mistakes to productivity

When your business reaches six to seven figures, you’re burdened with too many things to do. Entrepreneurs at this level will reach a point of busyness that can impact them emotionally, leaving them in the wrong emotional state. 

If business founders aren’t in the right emotional state, it can affect their cognitive abilities and lead to implementing the wrong actions. Tempers can rise, and it’s easy to get frustrated and upset at yourself or your team for crucial mishaps. This also affects your team’s morale, which hampers productivity even more. 

Take a mindful moment. Mindfulness is a founder’s secret weapon. It allows you to get centered quickly, and many top professionals also swear by it. Gather yourself, focus only on your breathing, and disconnect temporarily from disturbance before embarking on a new task.

2. Having SOPs that are never seen, benchmarked, or improved
Mistakes to productivity

One of our Super Scaling business coaches had recently met up with a client and asked where their SOPs are. However, the client said it was created many months ago. Scaling your business entails many changes and modifications in business operations and work processes. And this is why SOPs are created to have proper guidance on how to do things and put everyone on the same page. 

But many six to seven business owners fail to update or improve SOPs, which leads to haphazard work processes that don’t contribute to productivity. 

Some examples of approaches that lack the guidance of SOPs are wasting hours daily due to not identifying the right things to do, not having a system to categorize urgent, important, and less important tasks, and doing tasks in batches to save time switching from one task to another. 

This gets complex when you need to generate the right kinds of priority lists and KPIs in a larger company. Do your managers know how to do this? If not, it’s likely you are chasing the wrong metrics in the first place. You will definitely want to talk to us about training your team in developing effective managerial thinking.

3. Telling people to do it, but you, yourself, have no clue how!
Mistakes to productivity

Six to seven-figure entrepreneurs are bombarded with a load of tasks. More often than not, these entrepreneurs either don’t like to do these tasks or have no clue how to accomplish the tasks. And because they want to get things done, they don’t complete a satisfactory task. 

So they hire someone to pass on the responsibility but never share ideas or proper instructions, which leads to the same thing. So if you’re unsure of how to do certain tasks, a rule of thumb is to hire someone competent, so both of you can complement each other’s ideas for more positive results.

We’ve talked a lot about process mapping. This is the ultimate weapon against vagary, and we recommend you try it out. If you have never really understood how process mapping works and understand that it could literally determine the speed of your scaling efforts, contact us for a consultation session so we can show you what you’re missing!

4. Allowing people to do things without a framework to think
Mistakes to productivity

Without a framework on which everyone can base their decisions, the team will lack alignment that connects the importance of their tasks to others. So while you give people the freedom to do their tasks, there must also be a set framework that highlights key steps and how these can make or break products or services that customers will love.

Having a framework makes the work lighter because you and your team will have a benchmark for your decision-making process.

5. Not coaching your team
Mistakes to productivity

When you get to six or seven figures, you develop this level of trust within your team that makes you think coaching isn’t necessary because they’ve always been at the helm of things. But your team may also experience complacency after a while, which isn’t up to par with standards, hence, the importance of coaching.

To ensure your team showcases competence, it’s vital to transfer information and capabilities through regular coaching. This means asking your team a series of questions that strengthen their thinking capabilities. In our Super Scaling Inner Circle, one of the key capabilities we deliver to our members is coaching. As highly experienced coaches, we don’t just give solutions, but use questions to hone one’s thinking. If you or your team managers want to develop these skills, contact us for a discussion!

6. Thinking that faster is better
Mistakes to productivity