A brand for acne-battlers, made by acne-battlers, Skinlycious is like no other acne skincare brand. Super Scaling empowered Skinlycious to deliver its message and help more acne sufferers, and in return, allow the founder to have the business she had always wanted.
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Understood how to lead, hire and systemise

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Skinlycious is based on the collective knowledge of Jasmine Kang’s 14 years of struggle with acne combined with fellow acne-fighters’ feedback and involvement in the formulation process. Only through this sheer amount of sacrifice, hard work and effort that Skinlycious was born.

Currently, Skinlycious is a one-stop skincare solution for people with acne. For every age group, they have specific recommended acne skincare routines for them, from teen acne to adult acne and mature acne.


Working as a small business with just 2 hires, Skinlycious was profitable, but extremely dependent on Jasmine. This resulted in Jasmine constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Jasmine needed to find a way to systemise so that her business could grow and give her the time freedom and fulfilment that she desired.

She needed to build a proper team, while still working on a lean business model. This would allow her to expand and scale up

“Without Super Scaling helping Skinlycious, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we are doing now.”


Doubling Revenue

As a growing business, Skinlycious faced many constraints on their time and resources. A business can only grow as much as their biggest bottleneck, and bottlenecks were everywhere in Skinlycious. This affected how much it could grow, and the business was already feeling the negative effects. It needed to break free of these bottlenecks, or it would face bigger and bigger problems.

Super Scaling helped Jasmine and her team understand what was necessary to develop a crystal-clear understanding of the business and its processes. This gave Jasmine the clarity and confidence to hire and grow her team.

Consequently, this allowed Skinlycious to expand and grow by reaching out to more prospects, and fulfilling the increase in orders properly. This resulted in a doubling of their revenues in just 9 months.

Building A Team

As a small business, hiring was a scary prospect and a seemingly expensive endeavour. However, in order to expand the business and scale up, it was a necessary step. Furthermore, Jasmine was getting overwhelmed with the business needs pulling her in multiple directions.

While she understood that she had to hire, Jasmine didn’t want to hire the wrong people, or not be able to manage her team properly. The 5E Scale Engine helped her understand the concepts of building a hiring system. Not only that, it also guided her on how to implement proper systems to hire the right people, and manage them well.

In 9 months, Skinlycious grew its team by 350% with A-star hires who could start handling various aspects of the business which Jasmine previously had to handle herself. This resulted in Jasmine being able to get a lot more done while being less stressed out.

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