20 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

social media marketing tips for beginners

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With 4.62 billion people worldwide active on social media, being distinct can be a challenge, especially when starting social media marketing. Social media provides access to all and allows businesses the network to make it easier to reach their customers. Whether marketing a personal brand, a high-potential startup, or an established company, social media creates an online connection that you can certainly maximize. 

Whether you’re banking on Facebook or Instagram advertising, these social media marketing hacks can optimize your approach to attain better results. These social media marketing techniques will allow you to develop your online presence so that you and the brands you foster can claim targets and achieve success. Here are twenty social media marketing tips for beginners:

1. Just do it

social media marketing tips for beginners

To get started on social media marketing, our first and most important tip is to take command and get posting! Social media tips for advertisers mostly recommend planning ahead, and a good plan is undoubtedly needed. But we believe the best motivation for beginners is taking action and diving right in. Being effective at social media marketing requires more action than conceptualization and planning, so don’t hesitate! Get inspired and post away! 

2. Optimize your social media profiles

social media marketing tips for beginners

An immediate thing that you should do is to personalize your page for optimal effectiveness. Optimizations on social media platforms let you include action buttons for customers to allow them to shop or schedule with you directly. You can also link your profile to your website to increase engagement and push traffic. Utilizing these tools will enable you to maximize your platforms to be more successful. 

3. Diversify your feeds

social media marketing tips for beginners

One of the social media advertising tips you shouldn’t neglect is elevating your platforms through diversification. Diversify your social media feeds by sharing content away from the usual. For example, show your followers what you did over the weekend or that community event you participated in. Offering a more personal glimpse by sharing some down-to-earth content will make you more relatable. Mix this up with some promotional and inspirational content, and you can rest assured that you can keep your followers engaged.

4. Generate engagement using a mix of hashtags

social media marketing tips for beginners

Hashtags are great ways to encourage social media users to explore unknown content. Among the wise social media marketing tips for beginners is knowing how to advantage of this tool. Use specific and general hashtags to catch attention and raise engagement. Niche hashtags that include particular phrases, locations, and witty brand slogans can also raise awareness and divert online users to your platforms.

5. Make sure to respond to comments and DMs

social media marketing tips for beginners

Nothing turns off a potential customer more than being ignored. Don’t miss out on potential sales and promptly grow your clientele by responding to comments and direct messages. Monitor feedback regularly so that DMs and comments won’t sit too long in the queue. Respond with positivity by focusing on their needs in order to be helpful. Maintain a good practice of setting aside time within the week to respond to inquiries and comments on social media. This interaction can liven up your engagement and pull customers in your direction.

6. Stay consistent

social media marketing tips for beginners

One of the best social media marketing tips for beginners is that being consistent is vital to success. Set a schedule for posting that’s realistic and ideal for you. Maintaining a regular post schedule can be demanding and challenging as you compile and curate content that you can use. Whether it’s once per day, three times a week, or even multiple times within one day, stay consistent with your posting habits! Simply by keeping it up without faltering, you can generate momentum that can help you gain a larger following.

7. Create a social media plan for each channel

social media marketing tips for beginners

Now that you’ve learned the fundamental practices necessary to build up your social media marketing, it’s time to review your overall plan. Create your online marketing plan well ahead, and refer to various demographics and unique selling points to customize your approach to each social media channel. Tailoring your plan differently among platforms allows you unique freedoms while cohesively pushing forward your communications.

8. Plot a social media calendar

social media marketing tips for beginners

Knowing when are the best times to post can be vital to capturing as much attention on social media. It’s not just particular hours in the day, it’s also latching on to relevant dates within the year. Plot out a social media calendar that highlights dates and holidays you can build from, so you can maximize every opportunity. In addition, a content calendar makes it easier to plot out your posting ideas while promoting your business on important days.

9. Utilize native tools

social media marketing tips for beginners

Many social media marketing experts use industry-leading tools, which can be rather costly. It’s a good thing there are plenty of native tools online that can help you get started. For example, you can maximize social media platforms’ scheduling functions to secure your posts and have them set at the most appropriate time. Of course, you’ll need to set your account’s business profiles to get these features going. Automation tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer are also great ways to systemize your approach and help you out with your social media marketing strategy implementation.

10. Include CTAs with each post

social media marketing tips for beginners

Including a call-to-action in every post is an essential aspect of your approach that informs online users what to do next. Place CTA links and buttons on your posts to guide customers to buy a product or sign up for a service. CTAs are great ways to push your followers to your other platforms, such as your website and other social media channels. These links also help drive prospects down the funnel, bringing them closer to becoming paying customers.

11. Use keywords within your posts

social media marketing tips for beginners

Posting engaging content raises engagement and awareness towards the brands you support. And when it comes to written posts on social media, don’t forget to use specific keywords to increase brand visibility and promote more organic reach. These carefully chosen keywords can help you move up the social media search page, much like the method to rank up for SEO. In addition, keywords provide the benefit of catching extra attention while tailoring these chosen words to your desired association.

12. Consider your international clientele

social media marketing tips for beginners

As your social media reach grows, so does your reach across borders. Establishing an international social media presence isn’t easy, but it is worth all the effort. Consider your international clientele by identifying high engagement areas and catering to the region by posting targeted content. Don’t just translate the content you’ve already made. To attract international attention, focus on content that appeals to their culture and local trends. This method can drive your engagement up while broadening your brand’s reach globally.

13. Hold interactive sessions

social media marketing tips for beginners

A huge trend on social media is putting up interactive sessions that bridge the gap closer for brands and their customers. Online activities such as question and answer sessions provide users interaction with those behind a particular brand while offering direct responses for every inquiry. These interactive sessions also provide knowledge and learning, using keynote speakers who can share much-needed answers to solve your customer’s concerns. Utilizing these tools, such as Facebook Live, can be relatively easy to do using any smartphone or digital device. Promote these online activities on your social media channels to make your followers aware of any upcoming sessions.

14. Run online competitions

social media marketing tips for beginners

One of the social media marketing hacks that experts use to raise engagement on their platforms is by putting up online competitions. Contests held online, such as a photo contest, can help you broaden your reach to meet your social media marketing goals. You can put up unique competitions that can entice your followers to join while offering a prize that people would want. This method can boost your likes, comments, and shares while increasing brand awareness.

15. Use Chatbots

social media marketing tips for beginners

Among the social media marketing tips for beginners, you should learn how to utilize chatbots. Chatbots are great tools to save time and effort while securing prompt responses to every customer inquiry. While it can be challenging to provide instant responses online, chatbots can help you by automatically sending out a custom reply for every message received. In addition, it’s a great way to make a good impression on your potential customers, with instant replies from chatbots leading you further away from a customer’s disappointment.

16. Attend to social listening

social media marketing tips for beginners

Social listening is a manner of social media measurement that uses mentions and interactions to determine an appropriate approach and action. Being on social media allows you to monitor conversations with your customers and their likes and comments on your platforms. You can use these interactions to analyze and form your marketing strategies based on how your social media posts prompt them to comment and interact.

17. Highlight good reviews

social media marketing tips for beginners

One of the best social media marketing techniques to maintain a good impression online is to be proud of your good reviews. Showcase the reviews posted by your happy customers on your different social media platforms. You can take a screenshot of that positive review or uplifting direct message and let your other followers know how happy that customer was with you and your product or service.

18. Always remember: Quality Over Quantity

social media marketing tips for beginners

While posting consistently should be your goal, it should never come at the cost of upholding quality content. Instead, focus on publishing content that your followers find valuable and relevant, which would serve to solve their issues and concerns. Make sure that your content is always in line with your brand values and identity and should never simply be something of an empty filler just to match your scheduling.

19. Post more video content

social media marketing tips for beginners

Today’s social media is very video-content based, with Reels and Stories dominating engagements and clicks. This is why you should focus on creating video marketing content that’s unique and appealing to increase traction across every social media platform.

20. Track your results

social media marketing tips for beginners

Your social media marketing efforts can easily be tracked to provide insights you could use. Social media metrics can assist in deciding your strategies and adjustments based on performance to maximize your campaigns.


The best thing about using social media marketing is that it levels the playing field for new and experienced advertisers. By doing these simple social media marketing tips for beginners, you should be able to increase your followership organically. Always be sensitive to netizens’ pain points and you’ll know how to communicate with your audiences. If you’re still not leveraging social media for your marketing effort, you’re missing out on tremendous scaling opportunities. So sit down with your marketing team, find out where your audiences are hanging out, and create compelling social media campaigns.

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