Why these Team Building Activities Will Make Your Organization Stronger

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In today’s business world, having a culture of teamwork within an organization is an essential requirement to achieve success. When employees come together and are in sync with each other, working effectively becomes second nature. 

This is why developing work relationships through team-building activities is now an essential part of company culture. Team bonding plays a considerable role in getting your workforce on the same page and engaging employees towards your common goal.

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What is Team Building?

Team building refers to the process of turning a group of individual employees into a cohesive team. Through fun team-building activities, the entire team can learn to work together more effectively. In addition, these team-building exercises can lead to strong bonds that enable employees to meet customers’ needs and accomplish the company’s goals. 

Aside from cultivating a healthy culture of teamwork, putting up a fun activity is needed for your team to maintain morale and motivation. This is important, especially if you notice that your experienced team has lately been lacking in performance. 

Benefits of Team Building Activities
team building activities

Setting up a team-building event is about providing the skills, training, and resources that your people need to work in harmony together. It’s not just about listing down strengths and weaknesses or an excuse to get out of the office. Instead, various activities can be targeted to provide development and gain the benefits of team building.

1. Open lines of communication

Communication is an essential aspect of any company’s success. If you notice that your employees struggle to convey ideas and feelings to each other, then it’s time to set up a team-building session. Providing a venue where employees are comfortable enough to express their true feelings leads to better working relations and better productivity.

2. Increase collaboration

Properly planned team-building activities lead to greater collaboration between employees. Collaboration allows members of your team to know who has specific skills and knowledge. Knowing who to turn to, when needed, develops trust, and having access to that person strengthens your team’s overall output. 

3. Increase productivity

As a business owner, you would want your team to be at their most productive. Groups that work well together tend to be more effective than those in a work environment with unease and distrust. Team building activities can help employees get on the same page and are more likely to complete tasks more efficiently. When your team is more productive, more work gets done, which eventually leads to more revenue.

4. Connect with remote teams

As a growing practice in business, more and more people now work remotely. So naturally, it’s essential to build rapport with your remote teams, especially among members who rarely meet face to face. According to a recent Gallup Study, employees working from home tend to experience isolation that can derail productivity by 21 percent. Virtual team building activities allow your team to socialize, albeit virtually, and can improve how your team works together.

5. Cultivate company culture

Team building activities provide employers with the best opportunity to cultivate the company’s culture. This is a chance to instill the company’s goals and visions, values and beliefs, and standards of performance, among others. Employees who have a positive understanding of the company are more likely to participate in company events and become great representatives of the values you represent. 

team building activities
Types of Team Building Activities
(with Examples)

1. Activity-based

Activity-based team-building exercises provide a break for your employees from the usual daily work routine. Your team can step out of their comfort zone and carry out both indoors and outdoors through mental or physical activities. It can be as simple as organizing team lunches or scheduling a team outing to enhance the experience. In addition, these activities can connect them personally and provide an opportunity to discover hidden traits.


Outdoor Team Sports

A great way to develop your team’s bond is by enjoying a day out in the sun. An outdoor team-building activity such as a challenging sports day is an excellent way to build camaraderie. Set up your sports day by dividing your group into different teams and competing in various sports.

It can be football, ultimate frisbee, or even dragon boat racing out in the water. This encourages friendly competition through physical activity and is a great way to develop communication and collaboration. 

Indoor Team Building Games

If stepping out of the office may not be feasible at certain times, consider indoor activities that can be great mood boosters. For example, you can set up a Foosball table by the common area and conduct regular tournaments. Different teams can join in the fun while being cheered on by other employees. 

You can also set up a scavenger hunt inside the office, incorporating important lessons as critical items. You can use this activity as a fun way of providing insight, highlighting company elements and standard practices through hidden clues. Not only will these exercises be entertaining and mentally stimulating, but it also provides a fun working environment that your employees will surely enjoy. 

Company Picnics

A great way to develop productive working relationships and increase your employees’ camaraderie is by setting up a team-building company picnic. Company picnics can bring your employees together and is also a perfect opportunity for a team that works remotely to interact with other employees. 

It’s also an excellent way for teams to enjoy activities such as cook-offs and picnic games like Bridge Building, which encourages creative thinking and cooperation. Employees can enjoy a day of fun and food in a completely different setting while developing the team’s sociability. 

2. Communication-based

Communication is always the key to any social structure. This applies significantly to the workplace, with individuals working with each other for a common goal. Communication-based team-building activities are perfect for new teams with new members. 

The purpose of these activities is to get to know each colleague a little better to initiate a more personal bond. This can help break barriers of communication and awkwardness while improving interpersonal skills as you develop trust among your team.