How a Super Scaling Business Coach Eliminates the Plateaus in the Growth Stage

why hire a business coach

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It can be easy to rule out business mentorship when you’re in the business’s growth stage because you think you’re keeping it together. However, growing, as opposed to scaling a business, is based on different assumptions about business and can impede your growth as an entrepreneur. Growing entails a marginal improvement in the business. Scaling is different. And while scaling is intended by most entrepreneurs, growing often is the thing they gravitate toward. The impact? You get busy with business, fight fires, and struggle.

More often than not, entrepreneurs enjoying their six-figure business find themselves not progressing to where they want to be. With high motivation and proper plans in place, business owners still find themselves in a bind. They continually ask themselves about what’s keeping them “stuck,” preventing them from reaching seven to eight figures. And hiring a business coach who has gone through all the stages in scaling a business is the solution they’re looking for.

However, we’re not just talking about an ordinary business mentor or coach who established a business from scratch and brought it to the growth stage. A scaling business coach provides a different and more insightful value that six-figure entrepreneurs can use to finally get them “unstuck.” 

Whether you’re having issues with inefficiencies, communication, poor workflows, or recruitment, our Super Scaling business coach can pinpoint what aspect of the business is weighing you down, eliminating business plateaus. If you’re still thinking about why hire a business coach, here are reasons why you should speak with us.

1. Gives you more powerful and useful insight to identify the areas that hinder you from reaching seven to eight figures
why hire a business coach

You might find yourself stuck in a business where you’re wearing multiple hats, with no freedom at all. You may feel like you’re churning in more hours than a six-figure entrepreneur should. But you still find yourself ruminating on how to improve several business aspects such as sales, employee satisfaction, management, recruiting processes, products, and work processes. 

Reaching this level in entrepreneurship is quite normal. But what’s not normal is being unaware of or giving in to these stagnancies that hinder you from leveling up. It’s recommended to have someone who can brainstorm new ideas, strategies, and steps to move forward and get “unstuck.” 

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs fall prey to self-acclaimed “business coaches” out there. A Super Scaling business coach is different from the rest because they help entrepreneurs who are at a higher level in their business. They work with entrepreneurs struggling with post-growth issues such as team support, operations, realignment, systems implementation, and scale strategies. 

Because Super Scaling business coaches know where the bottlenecks in your business are, they can offer more valuable options, tips, ideas, and strategies that help you achieve seven to eight figures.

2. Gives you access to tried-and-tested scaling methods they know by heart and from experience
why hire a business coach

There’s a clear line between coaches who help grow your startup to six figures and coaches who help grow your six-figure business to eight figures. The latter gives you foolproof methods that they’ve tried and tested before when scaling their business. While not everything is guaranteed to work perfectly, imagine how costly it would be for you to start from scratch, and waste time and money in testing unfounded ideas, especially from a coach who has no clue!

Sometimes, entrepreneurs may feel like they’ve expended all means to get past the growth stage but to no avail. And it may seem like measuring success is ambiguous at this point, but a Super Scaling business coach lets you see the obstacles from a bird’s eye view. 

Due to their experience in helping business owners who are stuck at the growth stage, it’s easy for them to pinpoint which problems are pulling you down. For instance, if you feel like your workflows aren’t as effective, scaling business coaches can help streamline workflows with consideration of different areas of the business that are bogging down processes.

It’s easy to feel frustrated especially if you’ve already tried strategies that never seem to work. However, working with a Super Scaling business coach is the lifeboat that drives your business further from where you left off and into safe harbor.

3. Helps switch your mindset when you’re always hitting a brick wall
why hire a business coach

Business owners at the growth stage are highly motivated to bring their business to its pinnacle. They might be handling almost every aspect of the business at this point, without regard to freedom in their personal life. You may even feel like you’re spending more time in the business than in your personal life. With this kind of effort, you’d almost expect a positive outcome and finally, get a move on those sales figures. 

But you always find yourself hitting a brick wall and circling back to where you started. And this can be due to your mindset. Remember, the mindset that you had when growing your business to six figures will not work when scaling your business to seven to eight figures. So start by thinking like one!

Switching to a different mindset is vital during the scaling stage. You’ll have so many limiting beliefs that cripple your aspirations for freedom and an eight-figure revenue. Does this sound like you? If yes, then you’ll need the advice of a Super Scaling Business Coach who can help you get out of the rut by expanding your perceptions toward working on your six-figure business.

4. Offers an outside perspective that can double your sales and revenue
why hire a business coach

Business owners in the growth stage may be too comfortable with the current methods that proved to be successful in growing their business. Due to this success, it leaves them blind to other causes that are keeping the business stagnant. And this is where a Super Scaling business coach steps in to open your eyes to new possibilities and opportunities that you haven’t explored before. 

More often than not, when entrepreneurs at this stage are too busy handling every aspect of the business, they don’t realize that they become the bottlenecks of the company. Things slow down because they don’t delegate. And they don’t see or know it until they become too exhausted. Moreover, entrepreneurs in the growth stage miss certain crucial aspects such as misalignment of roles, assigning the wrong people to the wrong positions, or strategic inconsistencies due to a change in the economic environment. A Super Scaling business coach sees the organizational burdens from a totally different vantage point. 

Also, it’s always better to have another point of view when gauging issues and risks in the business, especially from someone already experienced in scaling to seven or eight figures.


If you continue to do the same things that result in your organization’s status quo, you’ll never be able to break free from wearing multiple hats, getting stressed out often, experiencing roadblocks, facing higher turnover rates, and getting the same six-figure revenue monthly. So do your business a favor and speak to a Super Scaling business coach to give you powerful insights that break those extended boundaries. We’d love to bring you on board our program. However, we currently have limited slots, so you’ll have to speak with us to ensure we’re a perfect fit. Reach out to us here

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