Not a lot of “business coaches” have the track record to back up their claims. Here at Super Scaling, we walk the talk.

Fancy titles aside: “business mentor”, “life coach”, and whatnot. I am none of these things. I’m just a regular guy who worked my ass off to reach $30 million the hard way.

17 freakin’ years of trial-and-error. Yup. That’s how long it took me. I thought: there has to be another way. So I sat down and poured my heart, soul, and everything that I learned into this book.
So that you won’t have to take 17 years to scale up.


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1. Growth mindset ≠ Scaling Mindset

Scaling is a whole new different ballgame. The mindset that brought you to 6-7 figures will not get you to 8-9 figures. This book will help you embrace the much needed mindset shift + apply step-by-step solutions found in the book to scale up your business faster than ever.

2. Scaling your business ≠ More workload

Scaling your business to 10x more revenue doesn’t have to mean 10x more workload!

This book will teach you how to work smarter, instead of harder through setting up systems for your business that work like a well-oiled machine in the background…

So you can finally focus on the things that drive revenue.

3. Feeling busy ≠ Meaningful work

Running a profitable business has sooo many moving parts. You could work on any one of those parts and feel busy AF. That doesn’t automatically mean your business will scale. Scaling requires laser-focus and working on the right things.

This book will serve as a guide to help you prioritize the right tasks to set you up for success.

"This book is an essential manual to understand how to scale."
Ho Kwon Ping
Founder and Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings

Can’t stand filler or fluff?

You can count on me to be straight up.

I’m a simple man. And I’ve written this book in a simple manner too.
What you’re going to get are actionable strategies you can use right this second.
This is the stuff that’s been working, now and forever.
Because all that I talk about are fundamental business concepts.
Things that apply to any business in any industry.
And no… book isn’t just a sales pitch for a product I have to sell.
Nope, it’s not a lead generation tool either.
You’re going to get 17 long-ass years worth of hard-earned knowledge and lessons.
My only request is for you to take action and apply the powerful things you’ll learn from the book.
Buckle up, because as soon as you finish reading that final page,
your success will be coming at you in full-speed, from all directions.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what they’ve been saying:

Alvin is one of those rare genuine guys who excels in so many areas and has tremendous qualities.

He gives great business advice and is able to critically analyse your business. On top of all that, his humility absolutely shines through. He's helped many that I know.

ALAN PHUA Alchemy Foodtech Pte. Ltd.

We’ve been in the business for about 3 years, and accelerating our growth has been a problem that we’ve been facing.

After working with Alvin, he has really helped us crystallise our roadmap and what we had to get right in order to scale.

JUSTIN CHIAM Fincore - Direct-to-Consumer Startup

Alvin has amazing abilities that really make him stand out.

When I'm running around in circles trying to decode the chicken-and-egg scenario, Alvin's the man to stop, collaborate and listen... and then we just glide to the solution... on ice.

MICHAEL LIN MD, Auston Institute

Alvin's advice is backed by his real-world experience and perspective, and can be immediately applied to my startup.
He has helped me by cutting short the time that I would have otherwise spent experimenting and trying ideas out by ourselves.


Alvin gave me solid pointers on areas that I needed to focus on so that I could grow my business.

He freely shares his entrepreneurship experience and lessons, which was invaluable in helping me structure my business.

MARY JANE Business Process Management

Alvin's lessons from his own entrepreneurial journey are candid, to-the-point, and immensely useful.

My team and I could then make the right changes in order to grow our business.

Our customers and staff are more satisfied as a result. Thank you Alvin for your advice!

JERRY LEE Writing Samurai

    I have a gift for you.

    I’m not kidding when I say this book is jam-packed with the real-life strategies and lessons that I used to scale up my business to $30 million.

    But hey, if you’ve come this far… we’re practically friends already. Here’s a FREE CHAPTER!

    Spoiler Alert:

    Here's What You'll Learn From The Book

    Module 1: Evolve

    Mindset is everything. What you believe in and what you think translates into what you do in the real world. That’s why so many people talk about mindset being the real secret behind success.

    Module 2: Envision

    The key to achieving success is first of all knowing how it looks like. If you don’t even know what success means to you, then how do you know what road takes you there?

    Module 3: Empower

    Having the right people on your team will make or break your business, so you cannot afford to make mistakes. The wrong hire will set you back months or even years and cause you significant wasted time and effort.

    Module 4: Engage

    The customer determines the success of your business. How you handle your customer from the start till the end of his journey directly translates into how well your business will perform.

    Module 5: Execute

    Transitioning from a “growth” business to a “scale” business depends on these two things: systems and efficiency. That’s how to join the big boys and ensure that you aren’t dying with the workload that your business demands of.

    Let me introduce myself.

    At the age of 33, I sold my internet business for $30 million.
    I founded Vodien when I was 17 and scaled it from $0 to Singapore’s number one hosting provider with 35,000 clients and a team of 150.
    Behind that success was a ton of precise and powerful processes, systems, training, thinking, templates and methods – all of which I built painstakingly from scratch.
    My passion in business and in developing a community of like-minded entrepreneurs led me to author my first book Super Scaling, mentor serious entrepreneurs in my coaching programme and now, the launch of Super Scaling X.

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    I’m guessing you created your business because you wanted to solve real-world problems, and in the process have wealth and freedom.

    However, as entrepreneurs, achieving all of them can be an elusive goal.

    I felt like I was grasping at straws when I was scaling up my business too. I was hustling with pure grit until I was frustrated and burnt out. Thankfully, I managed to figure out a way that is much simpler and better.

    The journey of an entrepreneur is often filled with doubt and confusion. It is never having not enough to do, but instead having too much to do, and not knowing what to focus on.

    I created this book so that you can finally scale up your business and get to 7-figures fast.

    In this book, you’ll learn:

    • What entrepreneurs need to focus on in order to scale up properly
    • How to incorporate systems that free up your time and effort
    • What sequence to do things in so that you don’t waste time spinning your wheels
    • How to recruit and retain A-star players on your team
    • How to save dozens of hours of time per week

    Dive in, learn from the lessons, and most importantly, take action. You can turn your business into a highly systemised machine that will finally give you the wealth and freedom that you want.

    Inside the Super Scaling Book

    The book is jam-packed with the real-life strategies and lessons that I’ve personally experienced and used to scale up my business to $30 million. Check out just some of the lessons that I’ve randomly picked out:

    • Why you can’t and shouldn’t jump into scaling mode. Pg.14
    • The secret to having massive, oversized results and why you have been having trouble so far. Pg.29
    • What is the first step to creating a high-performance team. Pg.41
    • What are the ways to combat and overcome the Curse of Knowledge. Pg.52
    • How to create the kind of vision that strikes at the emotions of your team members. Pg.78
    • How to infuse the business with the DNA of the founder. Pg.101
    • The kind of people whom you should absolutely not make any concessions for on your team because it will bring your business backwards instead of forwards. Pg.106
    • The things that can add value to your customers so that they become raving fans. Pg.116
    • Learn about the mistakes that entrepreneurs make in developing effective marketing channels and how to avoid them. Pg.122
    • Understanding the core fundamentals for your business to thrive. Pg.127
    • How to develop effective communication systems so that performance can be increased throughout your business. Pg.136
    • How this one framework allows you to systematically increase efficiency. Pg.144
    • The two essential components that you need to understand before you can scale up your business. Pg.145
    • What is a system and how to create an effective system for your business. Pg.170
    • The secret method that successful entrepreneurs use to speed up the growth of their company, and how you can make use of it too. Pg.171

    Real Testimonial from Book Readers


    Alvin’s strengths are clearly in turning businesses into systems. This book is full of practical lessons that will always be applicable to any kind of business.

    Michael Lin Auston Institute

    This is the step-by-step manual to scaling up businesses that entrepreneurs need to read in order to prevent making costly mistakes and wasted time.

    Willie Lee Big 3 Media

    Most entrepreneurs aren’t owners of their businesses; instead they are slaves to their businesses. Alvin shows you how to break free of this once and for all.

    Rio Lim Entrepreneur and Investor

      The time and money savings you can learn from this book is astounding. Alvin Poh has held nothing back in sharing the secrets of success in his entrepreneurship journey. The frameworks distilled within this book are timeless and will aid you well in your own business.

      Alvin Huang Truegenics

      If you’re looking to scale your business through a systematic and logical approach, Alvin has written the perfect book for it. These are te lessons from the business he exited, which he started without needing external funding.”

      Yiping Goh Quest Ventures

      We always hear about new marketing strategies. However, this book is refreshing because it talks about the real topics that aren’t covered enough— systems, processes, operations, building and growing a team, and execution.

      Hong Ting Wong 2359 Media

        I’ve found Alvin’s book to be essential for entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up their businesses. If you want to get your business to the next level, you need to read this book now.

        Eric Feng Social Media Strategist and Global Speaker

        Alvin has put together a collection of the most practical steps that you can immediately take action on to increase your business value, revenue, and customers.

        Alan Phua Alchemy Foodtech

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