AOS Bath

Super Scaling helped AOS Bath, a water heater distributor and installer, find their company purpose and develop their unique selling points. This allowed them to differentiate themselves successfully in a crowded market with lots of lower-priced competitors.

Graphite Academy

Bold and innovative coding enrichment school, Graphite Academy, went through Super Scaling in order to be a business that can impact not just their customers, but also their team.


A brand for acne-battlers, made by acne-battlers, Skinlycious is like no other acne skincare brand. Super Scaling empowered Skinlycious to deliver its message and help more acne sufferers, and in return, allow the founder to have the business she had always wanted.

Learning Out Of The Box

As a math tuition business, Learning Out Of The Box went through the Super Scaling program in order to break the conventional tuition business model, and scale up past just offering tuition classes and books.