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Super Scaling helped AOS Bath, a water heater distributor and installer, find their company purpose and develop their unique selling points. This allowed them to differentiate themselves successfully in a crowded market with lots of lower-priced competitors.
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Based in a traditionally manpower-intensive industry, AOS Bath offers premium water heater products from their franchise parent company. These water heaters promise and deliver great water pressure, clean soft water and consistent temperatures, all while saving 80% on heating bills.

As water heater specialists, AOS Bath carries water heaters for two uses: water heaters for showering, and hot water dispensers for the kitchen. These are high performance and high efficiency systems that are different from the mass-market water heaters that face problems of lower quality, higher breakdown rates, and poor manufacturer support.


The greatest requirements that AOS Bath had were to differentiate themselves in a crowded market, and to create a sustainable business model.

Growing the business was a challenge, much less scaling it. The difficulty lay in not having a clear business vision, and not having the systems that allowed them to scale past a certain size.

This was apparent in a lot of business processes, especially in sales and hiring. In addition, the founders were greatly involved in most aspects of the business, which prevented the business from growing, increased their stress levels, and decreased the free time that they had.

“The training that we had in Super Scaling was a big win. We learnt how to create a proper direction for the team, which included a clear vision, purpose, and core values. This allowed us to have everyone on the team working in the same direction and increased employee and customer satisfaction so much.”

Amanda Zhong, AOS Bath


Revenue Increase

Learning how to systemise from the Super Scaling program allowed AOS Bath to re-focus on the essential components of their business. This, together with establishing a clear vision forward, gave them the ability to grow their revenues by 20% in 7 months.

Not only that, but the founders cut the duration of their sales process by 90%, saving them hundreds of man-hours every week. In addition, this process was also personally handled by the founders initially, but now could be handled by their teams.

Doubling Number of 5-Star Reviews

As a customer-centric business, the number of 5-star reviews matter greatly. These testimonials act as a form of social proof and show prospective customers that the business is a reliable, honest, competent provider.

With the lessons from Super Scaling, AOS Bath developed the systems and processes needed to not only understand and deliver upon the customer’s needs better, but also to do so well enough that their number of 5-star reviews doubled in just 4 months.

Hiring Faster

Manpower is a core component of their business, and the quality and number of employees directly tie in to their business growth.

In the past, hiring was a stressful and convoluted process. Not only was a lot of time spent on the recruitment process but it also resulted in the wrong types of people being hired. This led to a great amount of stress on the founders and on the existing team.

After applying the systemisation concepts from the 5E Scale Engine, AOS bath doubled their hiring speed, and found the right kind of people to hire. As a result, team satisfaction and employee churn were significantly improved.

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