Digital marketing agency,, joined Super Scaling to scale their business using the tested and proven methods that are unique to the Super Scaling program.

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As a conversions-focused agency that initially started out as an SEO agency, is founded by Jim Ng, and made up of a select group of digital marketing specialists. In a highly-competitive space, differentiates themselves by their experience and expertise.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies that might just focus on theoretical and basic digital marketing concepts, the team has tested hundreds of website designs and have run hundreds of marketing campaigns, making them experienced experts in conversion-optimisation.


As a conversions-focused agency that focuses a lot on customer success and results, the importance of having good lead generation and client fulfilment was paramount. Jim was having difficulty growing the team while maintaining the high standards that he expects.

One important goal for Jim was to be able to scale up the business while still ensuring the results for his clients. He wanted to get time back in order to be working on the business, not in the business.

“The difference that Super Scaling provides is that everything taught is from experience. They’re not just some armchair experts speaking from an ivory tower who don't have any proven experience. And that's where I see the value comes in when you join the Super Scaling Program.”

Jim Ng, Founder


Team Growth

The problem when businesses grow is that it becomes exponentially more difficult to ensure the same levels of standard as a smaller team.

Having a larger team has a core requirement: the business has to not just be able to keep track of productivity and performance, but also hire the right kinds of people, and provide the right company culture in which they can progress, improve in and be happy at.

Doubling of Revenue

Growing the team and systemising the processes in the company has allowed to double their revenues since they joined Super Scaling in less than a year.

This was achieved while still maintaining the levels of service and results that the company was known for. 

Created Systems To Scale Up

In order for scaling to happen, systems are required. Otherwise, the business will find itself distracted by having to continually put out fires. This prevents it from scaling up effectively. 

Systems pull together the multitude of tasks that need to be worked on a daily basis. When these tasks are systemised, everything can then work well together. For, this required developing SOPs and KPIs in a properly structured manner that’s in line with the company’s overall objectives.

As part of this change, structured training was created so that team members can now make sales calls, follow up with leads and prospects, and work on the campaigns for the clients.

In less than a year, grew its team by 5X with A-star hires, doubled its revenues, and put in place systems in the business. This enabled Jim to break out of the vicious cycle of just being busy to being able to properly strategise and scale the business up, allowing more impact and happiness for himself, his team, and his customers.

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