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Bold and innovative coding enrichment school, Graphite Academy, went through Super Scaling in order to be a business that can impact not just their customers, but also their team.
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Graphite Academy is the leading coding enrichment school in Singapore that works closely with the national education ministry. As of 2020, Graphite Academy has a presence in over 40% of local schools in Singapore. Besides coding, it aims to provide the essential skills for students to prepare them for a border-less and fast paced world of tomorrow.


To be the goto market leader in Singapore and Asia for coding enrichment programmes known for its quality and inclusive service. 

In order to expand beyond Singapore and achieve this objective, the business needs to adopt the franchise model, and be seen as a leader in the space with its systems and strategic network. 

“Joining Super Scaling allowed us to develop the foundation that we needed to scale up the business. Otherwise, we’d be having challenges keeping our entire team together, while trying to increase sales. We are now fine-tuning all our processes so that the process is even smoother.”

Jonathan Ho, Founder & CEO


Graphite Academy went through the Super Scaling program and developed the documentation and systemization required to build their business foundations.

Team Growth

As an enrichment business, their people and their teams form a big part of their business operations. Graphite Academy had a good business model, but needed a way to systematically hire and retain great people.

Super Scaling gave them the knowledge, processes, and templates needed to create these systems. As a result, their team size grew by 20% in 6 months — and with the right people.

Revenue and Profits

As with any business, revenue and profits are necessary because they are what allows a business to survive and be sustainable to fulfill their mission.

By applying the visioning techniques and business model optimisations found in the Super Scaling program, Graphite Academy could not only break their all-time high sales record, but also increase their profits by 20%. All these were achieved in 6 months.

Productivity Increase

By increasing the output of not just the individual, but of the team as a cohesive unit, Graphite Academy could overcome the problems of a typical enrichment business. The reliance on manpower would still be there, but by applying the principles of the 5E Scale Engine, Graphite Academy increased its productivity output by 3x.

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