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As a math tuition business, Learning Out Of The Box went through the Super Scaling program in order to break the conventional tuition business model, and scale up past just offering tuition classes and books.

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The concepts and lessons that Learning Out Of The Box teaches its students and parents is deeply rooted in the personal experiences that its founder, John Yeo, learnt as he taught his own daughters math.

John just wanted his three daughters to have an easier time and have more fun learning math, but learning in school made math harder than it needed to be.

Being an ex-social worker and a mechanical engineering graduate, he set out to fix those gaps by bringing together like-minded teachers to use his methodology to teach children math in a fun and simpler way.


Learning Out Of The Box ran a math tuition centre and offered primary-level math guide books and workshops for students and parents. However, the founder was stressed out and pressed for time.

John approached Super Scaling to learn how to introduce systems into his business so that he could get more time back, and focus on his strengths and passions when working on his business.

“Super Scaling has given me the clarity and the knowledge to systemise. I can now focus on what is working for us. Our business results are much better, and the funny thing is that I feel even more recharged these days when I work on my business.”

John Yeo, Founder


Increase In Sales Conversion

One of the greatest lessons that I got from Super Scaling is how to focus on the right things in my funnels. By doing so, we learnt the actions that we needed to develop and the actions that we needed to cut out.

This allowed us to increase our sales conversion by 200%. This was significant because it meant that the same efforts that we did resulted in much more productive outcomes. 

Increase In Revenue

Revenue directly shows us how many people are being impacted by the work that we do. As a business, we have our math classes and books that our customers use, and we wanted to increase these numbers.

Super Scaling showed us what was necessary to develop the systems required for training our teams and getting the customer success needed. As a result, we have managed to increase our revenue by 80% in 10 months.

This was no small feat in itself, but it’s made even more significant because our entire team has become more cohesive and more fulfilled, with everyone having greater clarity and understanding about their roles in our business objectives.

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