Learn How To Drive Team Performance and Retention

You have a team of dedicated employees. They’re smart, hard-working, and committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

But here’s the thing: no matter how awesome they are, they can’t grow your business. Only you can do that.

Sure, they’ll go above and beyond to help you get there…

❌ But what happens when your business hits a snag?

❌ When customers leave?

❌ When the market shifts out from under you?

❌ When they aren’t able to practice their Mastery, Meaning, and Autonomy (spoiler alert!)

That’s when their dedication starts to fray at the edges, and that’s when your best employees start looking for other jobs. If you don’t have a strong team performance and retention system in place to help your people navigate these challenges, your team will dwindle away into nothing.

Get ready to blow your mind!  If you’re wondering how to drive team performance and retention, you’re in the right place.  It’s not just about hiring the right people—top performers aren’t going to stay top performers if you don’t give them a reason to.

That’s why we’ve put together this free training: Learn How To Drive Team Performance and Retention

Where you’ll learn all about:

🤩 The three things that all A-star players want in a company

🤩 How to build the ideal company culture to retain A-star players

🤩 How to provide powerful incentives (that aren’t necessarily financial incentives)

So… why should you get your hands on this training?


  1. Because your team is counting on you.

  2. Because you’re counting on your team.

  3. Because you care about your employees’ careers and well-being.

  4. Because you want to be the kind of leader who can cultivate a team of happy, productive, and engaged people who feel supported and cared for in their roles.

  5. Because leading by example inspires others to follow suit—and inspires them to lead, too!


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At the age of 33 years old, Alvin Poh sold his Internet business for $30 million.

This was the business that he scaled up from $0 all the way to Singapore’s #1 hosting provider with 35,000 clients and a team of 150 before the 8-figure exit.

Alvin spent the next few years traveling the world, exploring new hobbies like snowboarding, kite-surfing and many more.

In 2020, he returned to Singapore and developed the 5E Scale Engine, which was the framework he used to scale up his business. Using that, he coaches entrepreneurs, just like himself, on how to Super Scale their businesses so that they can achieve breakthrough profits and find time freedom.