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I Will Reveal To You In Deep Detail ..."Live" In Person ... The Exact Steps I Used to Scale My Business From S$0 To S$30 Million

Here’s The Offer

  1. I am doing a 2-day live masterclass on Zoom revealing how I scaled my business to 8 figures, piece by piece.

  2. The masterclass is very affordably priced. You will learn proven business wisdom that applies to all businesses and never goes out of date. And you will likely make multiples of your class fee once you start applying. You don’t have to take my word for it…watch what the past participants had to say about it.

  3. I want you to learn and apply with a business friend or another entrepreneur, so your ticket will admit 2 pax.

  4. If you aspire to become a 6, 7 or 8 figure business owner, you know you are gonna need to scale eventually. There’s no avoiding this.

    Most entreprenuers do not know how to scale properly. Many can sell, do marketing but are really bad at scaling.

    If you do it wrongly, you wind up with inefficiency, high cost, problematic staff, customer complaints and bad reviews. Not good. Learn this now, and do it right the first time so you don’t have to make expensive mistakes or pay an over-priced consultant to come and repair the damages.

  5. The 2-day class also comes with a money-back guarantee so if its not awesome, I will refund you with no questions asked.

Hi, I'm Alvin Poh

I scaled my business from S$0 to Singapore’s number one … and sold it in 2017 for S$30 million.

Behind that success was a ton of precise and powerful processes, systems, training, thinking, templates and methods – all of which I built painstakingly from scratch.

For the first time ever, I am gonna share these secrets with you … so you can use these to scale up your business, increase profits … all while enjoying more free time.

Now, my skill is scaling businesses up. I am really good and passionate about that.

What I am not is a pro copywriter or internet marketer … so I am just gonna keep this short and tell you how I can help you.

By The Way, Before You Read On...See If You Are Right For This

  • 5/6/7-figure business owner looking to scale your business to 7/8/9 figures
  • Hungry to scale up your business and operations
  • Open-minded about different insights and perspective
  • Action-taker because implementation is crucial
  • Focused on providing value to customers instead of just generating profits

Right Now...Are You Facing This

  • You’re looking to scale your business up… but can’t seem to find the way
  • You find it hard to find customers, much less happy customers
  • You’re spending 80 hours a week on your business, and you’re afraid of taking on more revenue because you don’t have any time for yourself and your loved ones
  • You want to grow your team, but you are frustrated because it’s hard to hire people, and the people whom you hire end up leaving very quickly
  • Your business is profitable, but you don’t know how to scale up in a systematic way so that you increase revenue and decrease costs
  • You want to exit your business in the near future, but you don’t know how it’ll be like or how to prepare for it

Many People Think The Solution Is More Sales....

When I was first growing Vodien, I was obsessed about getting more customers. It was only much later that I realised that I should focus on my entire customer journey instead.

Once I did that, my business growth exploded

If the fundamentals of your business are poor, then getting more customers is just like filling a leaky bucket with water. That’s when I realised that I needed to fix the operations and systemise my business.

This change of mindset allowed me to finally scale exponentially, instead of struggling to grow.

Start learning how to Super Scale TODAY!

Here’s what entrepreneurs and business owners are saying about how Alvin has helped them

We’ve been in the business for about 3 years, and accelerating our growth has been a problem that we’ve been facing. After working with Alvin, he has really helped us crystallise our roadmap and what we had to get right in order to scale. Alvin is really providing a differentiated perspective - one that’s believable and substantiated by his own track record. I would highly recommend getting Alvin to help look at your business as well.

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JUSTIN CHIAM Fincore - Direct-to-Consumer Startup

Alvin has 3 amazing abilities that really make him stand out. Firstly his active listening cuts through the junk that clouds the mind of the typical entrepreneur (myself included). Secondly, he's experienced enough in running and growing businesses to poke that one "business-acupuncture" point that releases the chi of your efforts. Finally, he's got a crystal clear thinking methodology (or process?) that just makes sense. So when I'm running around in circles trying to decode the chicken-and-egg scenario, Alvin's the man to stop, collaborate and listen... and then we just glide to the solution... on ice.

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MICHAEL LIN MD, Auston Institute

My first mentorship session with Alvin really impressed me. Within minutes of hearing about my business, he was quick to identify not just the issues I was facing, but also sharp to identify the root cause of the issues. Alvin also has a fantastic ability to distill a complex decision making process into single steps using easy-to-understand principles. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with alot of valuable experiences to share and a genuine heart to see people succeed. I would highly recommend him as a business mentor.

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Charice Zhang PT WAW Indo Utama

What You’ll Learn At My 2-Day Masterclass

You'll receive the 5 modules needed to Super Scale your business and get to the next level

Module 1: Evolve

Mindset is everything. What you believe in and what you think translates into what you do in the real world. That's why so many people talk about mindset being the real secret behind success.

Module 2: Envision

The key to achieving success is first of all knowing how it looks like. If you don't even know what success means to you, then how do you know what road takes you there?

Module 3: Empower

Having the right people on your team will make or break your business, so you cannot afford to make mistakes. The wrong hire will set you back months or even years and cause you significant wasted time and effort.

Module 4: Engage

The customer determines the success of your business. How you handle your customer from the start till the end of his journey directly translates into how well your business will perform.

Module 5: Execute

Transitioning from a "growth" business to a "scale" business depends on these two things: systems and efficiency. That's how to join the big boys and ensure that you aren't dying with the workload that your business demands of.


You'll also get these exclusive bonuses

These bonuses are designed for you to get an even faster headstart and make stronger progress in Super Scaling your business.


I'll have a live Q&A session right after the masterclass that I will answer questions from you, and where you can also hear the answers to the questions from other participants. (Value: $1000)

BONUS 1 Q&A Session with Alvin Poh

Discover the methodology of Super Scaling, all in one convenient cheatsheet. You'll be able to download this and refer to it when you're working on your business so that you don't lose sight of what's important to be worked on.

BONUS 2 Super Scaling Cheatsheet

One of the things that the Super Scaling methodology focuses on is efficiency. Use the Efficiency Multiplier Framework to evaluate your tasks and processes so that you can exponentially increase the efficiency across your entire business.

BONUS 3 Efficiency Multiplier Framework

My Vision Is To Build Up The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

I believe in giving back, especially since I now can. That’s why I created a scholarship fund in SMU with a donation of $250,000.

This allows for a scholar a year, every year, to have their tuition fully paid for. I hope these youths graduate and continue on with the mindset of giving back as well.

The vision that I have is also why I am now coaching entrepreneurs to scale up. I believe that scaling up can be a very fulfilling and rewarding process for the entrepreneur.

My ideal goal is to form a community of entrepreneur. When we form a community together, we can all be scaling up together, and having loads of fun in the process as well!


Learn How To Super Scale Your Business

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Real Testimonials From Past Participants

This is a platform for entrepreneurs to revisit things that bugged us and regain quality of what we really want to do.
Jing Song, AIA Singapore
Alvin showed us a predictable path to follow to build your business. This course is worth your time.
Jason Lee, Mathematics Coach
Alvin really exceeded my expectations. This workshop is very worth it.
Verrandy Chang,United Pratama
So many takeaways, e.g. processes, the company vision, and also the customer journey of the business.
Ng Thiam Hock, Silicon Jungles
I’m glad I started this before I start hiring people for the wrong roles. It’s not theoretical, it was all proven by Alvin.
Aaron Tan, Sense Digital
Having the correct mindset and the clarity of vision is so important to scaling up.
Daniel Tay, Bestminds
The biggest thing that blew my mind was the perspective of 5-6 figure entrepreneurs versus the 7-8 figure ones.
Gin Seah, The Empowered Choice
It is a very systematic way of scaling the business – how you can change things step-by-step, very in-depth.
Kelvin Yeo, Singapore Furniture Rental
With the systems, hand-holding, and coaching that Alvin shows, I can really take my business to another level.
Jerald Lie, Achievers Dream
Gives a clear picture on what to focus on, rather than just being busy. Very helpful to entrepreneurs.
James Wee, Soul Rich Woman
Definite steps about management that are made very clear and simple so that you are able to implement.
Raymond Ng, VendShare
Highly recommended if you are a business owner facing problems implementing systems in your business.
Aaron, Property Development
I definitely will be applying what Alvin taught us to our business and team. Highly recommended for any entrepreneur.
Shawn Leong, The Hey Co
One of the best masterclasses because I can now improve my hiring process and my team culture and scale up.
John Yeo, Learning Out Of The Box
This course allows you to learn how to build a $30 million business in 2 days.
Julie Chong, ISchool
I learnt about mindset, importance of vision, how to hire well, and creating a good company culture.
Shi En
Candle Making
This course has been worth my time. I will start to implement and get feedback.
Javier, Mathematics Coach
If I have known about all these stuff earlier, I would have not lost pots of golds in starting up a business. 
Arthur Wong, Real Estate Industry

I’ve learnt how to ensure the founder’s vision is being followed and how to have systems in place in order to scale.

Terence Hoong, Anthola Group


If you want to scale to 8-9 figures, I highly recommend that you attend this course.
Calvin Mau
 am more confident now to systemise as well as to put in processes for my team.
Dylan Wong, IAM Advisory
It is very useful for business owners. There are lots that they can learn from experienced people like Alvin.
Jack Siew, Chio Space
I realised the difference between growth stage and scale stage. This is the mindset that makes scaling clearer for us.
Kosh Koshilan, 21 Days Learning Lab
If you’re lost and looking to systemise your business, Alvin is the guy to go to.
Shawn Josiah, Perpetual Income 365
I gained a lot of insights, and learnt how to manoeuvre and outsmart my competitors.
Sanny Cheng, AOS Bath
Absolute game-changer for my business. Realistically, your business will explode after these lessons.
Jim Ng, BestSEO
Alvin has absolutely delivered on value and this is worth so much more than we paid for. Big thank you to Alvin!
Amanda Zhang, AOS Bath
Alvin’s course helps to structure clear systems for many aspects in terms of actionable steps and mindset shifts.
Joanne Toh, The Hey Co
Especially useful because we’re hiring and this gives us a great foundation to set effective metrics and KPIs.
Solomon Poon, DrinkAid
It provided me systems and frameworks and it is very useful beause I am able to have process now. Thank you, Alvin.
Ranford, Diverse Learning
Thank you for guiding me to build systems, be relentless on systems, and most importantly not to be a bottom neck.
Jeffrey Teo, JC Econs
Alvin was able to breakdown, identify, and key pinpoint exactly where it went wrong and how to rectify it.
Don, Digital Marketing Agency
By taking this course, you save time, errors and money by benefiting from his knowledge and his experience.
JC Bougle, VideoBlast
I highly recommend it to any entrepreneurs or business owners looking for techniques to scale
Daniel Lai, The Five Star Seller Academy
There are a lot of things that we think we know but there are actually still all kinds of gaps that we can plug.
Eng Peng Tea, Financial Alliance
Alvin has delivered tremendously on how to scale a business. Very systematic. Very applicable.
Jonathan Ho, Graphite Academy
This really taught me on how to tap on HR to really scale my business and focus on the strategic parts of the business.
Leslie Chong, WhizBuilders
Shows the exact steps you need to amplify you and your business. These lessons can’t be found elsewhere.
Sean Sin
Helped me understand how to take my business to the next level. I recommend this to any entrepreneur. 2 thumbs up. 
Preston Sin, Transformational Coach
Instead of throwing cash at our problems, I now have the clarity to build systems to prevent them and scale up.
Bryan Ang, Hyper Fame Digital
No-brainer in terms of value! I’ve learnt how to systemise my business in order to scale and serve more clients.
Thaddeus Koh, Digital Marketing
The value that I got is immense because I can now improve my team, hiring process, and customer service.
Nicholas Tan,
Top Fortune500 companies use these lessons! Business owners can save years and money with this knowledge.
Kelvin Seetoh, Growth Investing Mastery

Here’s what people are saying about Alvin Poh

Alvin is one of those rare genuine guys who excels in so many areas and has tremendous qualities. He gives great business advice and is able to critically analyse your business. On top of all that, his humility absolutely shines through. He's helped many that I know.

Client Logo
Alan Phua Alchemy Foodtech Pte. Ltd.

Alvin’s business journey and success story means that he has massive knowledge, wisdom and life lessons to share and give...and that is exactly what I got from him. If you are looking for an authentic and honest guy to help you scale your business and take it to the next level...look no further...Alvin’s your guy. Highly recommended!

Client Logo
Derrick Chew Chief StoryBrander

Alvin is good at taking lots of information, putting it into a structure and then turning that into effective results. He just delivers such genuine and practical advice. These are things that any business owner can implement in their companies. We have taken his advice on having a meeting cadence, and for once I feel like everyone's on the same page working towards the same goal.

Client Logo
Amanda Cheong AOS Bath Pte Ltd

You don't need more sales...

When I was first growing Vodien, I was obsessed about getting more customers. It was only much later that I realised that I should focus on my entire customer journey instead. Once I did that, my business growth exploded.

If the fundamentals of your business are poor, then getting more customers is just like filling a leaky bucket with water. That’s when I realised that I needed to fix the operations and systemise my business. This change of mindset allowed me to finally scale exponentially, instead of struggling to grow.


Learn How To Super Scale Your Business

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I don’t run masterclasses often. Get on the waitlist so that I can notify you when the next masterclass is open.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This class has a solid money-back guarantee. I don’t need your money. 

I charge because I think it’s a fair exchange and an irresistible offer for the knowledge I hand you and time I spend. So try the class risk-free. If you aren’t happy, just let me know within 48 hours after the class ends, and I’ll refund you.

Are you ready to Super Scale your business?

Hear From Other Entrepreneurs Who Have Worked With Alvin

Alvin's mentorship has been invaluable to my business and personal growth. Before meeting Alvin, I struggled to put out my business offer to prospects. In our rigorous teardown sessions, Alvin helped to recraft my offer to become 10x more customer-centric, and was very dedicated in keeping me accountable to all progress. I highly recommend him as a coach to get your business to the next level.

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Solomon Poon DrinkAid

Alvin is able to crystallise problems succinctly and in turn, results in dramatic increases in the productivity levels of companies. Alvin is also a gifted mentor with a rare combination of patience, clarity, and research skills.

Client Logo
Anna Haotanto CEO, The New Savvy

Alvin has helped re-frame our business concepts and inspired my team and me to make the right changes in our business for us to grow. We refined our focus on what truly matters for us to get to the next level and we have seen our customers and staff being more satisfied as a result. Thank you Alvin for your advice!

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Jerry Lee Writing Samurai

Don’t wait! Other business owners have experienced results by taking action fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for any kind of business?

Yes, the concepts that I teach are common to any kind of business. These are not hacks or tactics. These are fundamentals that any business will require in order to scale up. I show you the exact systems that you need, and in what order you need to follow them.

Who is this course for?

Super Scale Your Business is created for the entrepreneur or business owner in the growth stage of their business and who are looking to transition into the scale stage. You might feel lost or are struggling with the process currently. This course will show you what to focus on, and in what sequence. That said, this course is for existing business owners, NOT for the person looking to start a business.

How do I know your content will be relevant to my business?

I am 100% confident that Super Scale Your Business will be applicable to businesses in any industry. However, don't just take my word for it. I offer a money-back guarantee. Take my class risk-free, and if you believe it does not fulfil your needs, just let me know, and I'll refund your purchase.

Why is this course so affordable, while others cost thousands of dollars?

I looked at my time value of money versus the impact that I can have. There are two main ways: I can either consult or I can create a course. The course reaches out to a lot more people, and as a result, the time that I spent working on this can be divided out. I feel at this price point, it becomes very accessible to a lot of people, yet at a price that doesn't cheapen its value.


Learn How To Super Scale Your Business

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Don’t Miss The Next Masterclass

I don’t run masterclasses often. Get on the waitlist so that I can notify you when the next masterclass is open.

Why You Should Attend

  1. These lessons are not theory. I am the real deal.
  2. You can’t avoid this. Sooner or later, you will need be confronted by this. If not already now…
  3. You can choose to learn this via banging into a wall, losing money and be stressed by problemtic employees. But why do that? 
  4. Come, have fun and in 2 days … discover how to reach your full potential from someone who did.


All for this low price? 

I think that’s fair.