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How would you describe yourself and what you do?

My name is Lenney and I am the founder of this company called Get Customers. Right now, I’m doing what I call the Unorthodox Marketing Methodology. What we do is very simple. We help innovative companies amplify their three Ms, their mission, marketing and money with unorthodox marketing. Unorthodox means to do things that are out of the box or really crazy and unique that people would not think or imagine. 

We combine the art of visual storytelling, unique advertising and content distribution system. The first part is doing a lot of unique, crazy kick-ass videos that will catch people’s attention. Second, we do unique advertising methods to different platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, or even TikTok. The last part is the content distribution system which allows the business owner or businesses or individuals to engage with us to be seen everywhere – whether it is their media publication or the content platform, whether it’s organic or paid ads. These three things form the unorthodox marketing methodology.

What inspired you to be an entrepreneur?

I think the very start back in my school days is, “why would you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” Back then, I knew that I was different; I knew that the things I was doing were different. I wanted to be someone else or try something different, like reading an activist movement, for example; I think that’s the first thing I did. That intrigued me to do things that are different from the rest. That’s why I find that I didn’t choose to be an entrepreneur. I want to do something that adds values back to other people. It just happens that this title fits me.

But other than that, I’m just doing my best to add value to others and create solutions that will help fix other people’s prompts. So if it doesn’t help people or add value, I wouldn’t do it in the first place. The whole thing about entrepreneurship is I feel that it’s not just in for the money; you’re here to provide value. You’re here to share with others how they can improve their lives to be better. And from there, impact more lives. And that’s what inspires me to be an entrepreneur.

What is grit and what are the lessons you have learned as a result?

What lessons I’ve learned is that first, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, there’s no easy way out, and you just have to stick to what you’re comfortable with. But then, of course, if your “why” and vision are strong enough, it will allow you to stay on the right path. So whenever I think of grit as an entrepreneur, I always think back to my whys and vision of why am I doing this.

The second is that whenever there is a “shiny object syndrome” that comes along, whether it’s getting more money or getting a better opportunity. I sometimes forget to ask myself, “Am I providing more value to the society? Or is it just for my own benefits?” And sometimes, I’m doing this because it benefits me, and it’s not to helps others. And that way, I wouldn’t feel fulfilled as an entrepreneur, and that’s another learning point. Whenever I want to do something, it must help them, it must add value to their life, and it must have some positive changes. That’s what we are meant to do.

That’s my definition of grit. Many people have different definitions, but these are just some of the lessons that I learned myself.

How did you get your initial clients?

I went out there and just provided free services. I said that I could do it for you, in exchange, write me some testimonials so that I can share with other people of how great the work I have done for you. So I started from doing it for gyms, for physiotherapy, for massage parlours, so I just went up there, either through cold calling, messaging them directly on their Facebook, or whatever way possible to get my foot there. And then, from there on, you see what you can do for my business. So from there, I get a lot of testimonials.

With the results, I can show it to other business owners and tell them I’ve done this for other business owners; it can be for your business too, but here’s what’s going to cost. That’s how I started building up my foundation. That’s how I managed to get the shims of clients coming into me. Sometimes when I am working, I still use the same method. How much value can you put on a table for others so that they actually come in and say that, “Yeah, Lenney is worth this price. I’m willing to pay because he’s able to help me to get better ROI.”

Would you rather hire someone who is a fresh graduate or already has experience?

I will say it depends on the job scope that they are doing. Fresh graduate with attitude is great. But it’s quite tiring to train someone from zero. I wouldn’t mind if the job scope is very simple, like admin work. If it’s a complex job, what I’ve learned from Alvin’s Super Scaling Program is that you have to hire someone who has experience. It helps you handle your budget and save not only money but your time and energy as well.

How would you describe your company culture?

We drive on one thing; our culture comes with creativity, freedom, and passion. These are the three core values that we hold very strongly in our company. My company has four people. And it used to be five, yet one of them went to the army recently. The people are very unique.

The first guy is an architect degree holder. He didn’t pursue architecture because he wanted to do something that gives him more freedom. I have another person who is based in Malaysia, and she is a law degree holder. She did not pursue law because she wants more freedom as well. So that’s how we attract these people that come to see me.

Then I built up these three core values, which are freedom, passion, and creativity. And that’s what makes us different; the whole unorthodox team, because we are constantly experimenting, always try new ways that push the boundaries and make you think out of the box. And you’ll be like, “Oh, wow, this thing is something I’ve never seen before.” And that’s how I teach different companies. If you’re still stuck in the hallway, it’s time for you to transit and try out new things that you have never tried before.

How do you make sure that everything is unique?

Everybody has a different story. It can be because of an event. For example, someone walks into a store on this day; there’s a story by itself. So, how can we make use of the story of an individual or a company in that circumstance and create something unique out of it? And that’s what we are fishing for.

Everyone, in my opinion, can be unique. Everyone can use unorthodox methods to get these campaigns out in front of the world. It doesn’t have to be an advertisement. It can just be a content that they want to share with the world. And that’s how they can push out the content and maybe spread something positive out of it.

What’s your daily routine?

What I do in the morning when I wake up is I tend not to reply to messages; I tend to be more chill about it. I want to focus on myself. When it is about noontime, then I come into the world of messages, and I do all my stuff. And then later on, maybe I’ll go for a workout. And that’s how my daily routine is. I’m pretty much working all the time, although I try not to. Because I am very passionate about what I do, sometimes it gets into me.

How do you unwind?

How I unwind is very simple. I play with my dogs and hang out with my girlfriend. I pretty much spend time at home. I am an introvert; I like to keep things to myself and just chill. I only go out if it is required, then I’ll go out and hang out with others. Most of the time, I just unwind with myself and my dogs.

What is your proudest achievement?

I think it is being able to accept the clients that I want. To be able to choose who I want to work with anytime and anywhere is a luxury. Because if I can do that, I don’t have to answer anyone and have my own free time. And the only thing that is stopping me is discipline to deliver my work on time and make sure that our work is perfect.

Was there a time that your clients or anyone gave you negative feedback? How did you respond to it?

At first, it wasn’t the best because I was focused on getting the clients in, and it wasn’t perfect. There was that negative feedback, and it wasn’t the best customer journey. But I managed to overcome that now that I learned how to qualify my clients better. I only work with certain people right now; I don’t accept everyone. When I work with certain people, that’s when I qualify them. And that’s when they know what I do best; then I will know what they do best. That’s where I can help them fulfil the best because they are such a small grown client that I can help out to maximize the results.

I would say that the customer journey now is much better than before. And I wouldn’t say there isn’t negative feedback like last time, but now it’s very little. And how I would deal with negative feedback is that I accept that as a part of my learning journey to be a better person. And also, how can I lead my business in a better way so that the customer journey will be smoother.

What’s one tip that people should know about marketing?

I think one very good tip is that 99% or 90% of our marketing outlet is boring. If you plan to put out there a boring content, you will be known as a boring person, and you will be engaging, and you will get attention. You will always be stuck in this cycle when you’re always grabbing for attention. One thing that I learned when I flew to the US, talked to the top marketers in the world is that even when you’re doing marketing, first off, you have to be good. Second, you can’t afford to be boring.

Most of the businesses that have very successful marketing are not boring. They catch attention, and they managed to engage you and make sure you will stop for a second. That’s where you will get the customer’s interest, and they will buy from you. So one of the things that I have learned is to be entertaining. I think that’s one of the most important factors if you want to step up your game in marketing. That is the tip I have for those who want to start out, and one of the best medium to be entertaining is video.

How can people connect with you?

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