Passionate about elevating the food & beverage experience for people, The Hey Co. went through Super Scaling to systemise their business and fulfil their business objectives.


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Despite the highly-competitive nature of the food and beverage industry, The Hey Co. has managed to establish great brands that deliver on customer experience and food quality. Some of their current brands include Wildfire Burgers and Lil’ Tiger.


The Hey Co. has specific company objectives to continue driving their innovation and leadership of food & beverage brands. Their business expansion depends on continually being able to deliver an high-quality, innovative experience for customers through their service and products.

The Hey Co. needs to do this, even while expanding on the brands and outlets in their portfolio.

"Being in Super Scaling for the past 9 months has supported the growth of our group. We've transitioned from being overwhelmed to empowered, with our team able to handle many aspects of the business, with minimum involvement from us."

Shaun Leong, Co-Founder of The Hey Co


Going through the Super Scaling helped The Hey Co. develop the systems needed for them to bring their business to a new level. This touched on various aspects of their business from hiring to training to marketing.

Company Size

One of the key objectives that The Hey Co. had was to grow the number of brands in their portfolio from 3 to 6 in a year.

This was a big goal, and needed the company to be able to rally their team together and systemise their operations properly in order to do so.

Their business vision was refined and structured in a manner that the entire team could understand and execute upon it together. In addition, systems were introduced and created across all functions of the company — from marketing to operations to hiring and retention.

This resulted in The Hey Co. being able to grow the number of brands in their portfolio from 3 to 6, within a year’s time.

Team Size

The food and beverage industry depends heavily on manpower, especially front of house, where the customer experience is directly at.

One of the biggest issues that The Hey Co. faced was attracting, retaining, and growing a strong core team. Super Scaling helped provide them with the knowledge and processes to create robust hiring and retention systems that encouraged strong team performance.

Super Scaling gave them the processes and knowledge to craft systems needed to hire and retain the right people to join their team. This resulted in them able to double their team size — a 200% increase.

Team Productivity

In order to consistently drive an impeccable standard of hospitality, training is a big part of what they have to do in order to not just survive, but thrive in this highly competitive and manpower-intensive industry.

Having systems that allowed for greater efficiency, more effective communications, and consistent training empowered The Hey Co. to Super Scale their team productivity. This creates their reputation for high-quality food & beverage brands that provide great food and memorable hospitality experiences.

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